Clearing Of Candida Overgrowth

Clearing of Candida Overgrowth

Being eaten alive is not a great thought, but it's the truth.
Many people die of this every year.
They might call it some medical name or sweep the truth under the rug, but that's what it is.
Tiny organisms are the o nes who win in the end, but they can dog your existence every day of your life if you give them the help they crave, like sugar, fats, meats festering in your system,soft, processed, fried, fluffed junk food, and other poisons.

First we need to understand that even the most deliriously health-conscious among us and the most blas� and blessed o nes who have never � yet � had to contend with anything but glorious good health have some degree of mold and yeast overgrowth.
Just living in our polluted world the way it is right now, especially if you eat an average American "diet",(strange that gluttony would have such a term, isn't it?), which is akin to self-poisoning every single day - and worse, if that poisonous garbage is fed to children or old people who cannot choose for themselves or prepare their own food, let alone buy it.
Watch the TLC program, Honey, we're killing the kids!, and take it all seriously.
Even CNN and other reputable sources have finally - we'

ve been saying this all along here at EcoMermaid - admitted that veganism is the healthiest way to eat.

That said, everyone who doesn�t live in a drainpipe has learned about what fat and cholesterol, fried foods, meat, and dairy can do to you.
So let'

s be serious.

Do you really want to get well? To attain really good health? 
To live a long, lively and able-bodied life?
Then, if so, red o n�if not, just go o n your merry way and good luck to you. You'll need it, alas.We'd all rather just say screw it! It'll be fine! I'll eat'll be ok.., living in denial.
But it doesn't work that way. Far from.
So let's set about learning some easy ways to clear you system.None of these are uncomfortable, although a few might be a little expenditure from your health food stores.

1. drink more water. Make it distilled if possible.
2. eat less. Eat small and frequent meals. Finish eating before 5:00 p.m.
3. walk every day, even if it�s just around the corners of your room.
4. breathe deeply outside, even if out the window � even if only inside, breathe! For at least three deep breaths in the moring and night, and more if you�d like to.
5. move a little. in place. Anything.loosen yourself up.
6. think pretty thoughts. Begin to adopt more positive ways of thinking.
7. speak no evil � or negativity � hear none, and see none.
8. watch what you watch and listen to o n the media. Less is more happyizing.
9. do positive things, like send emails to help save the world at
10. tell yourself good things about yourself. Do affirmations.
11. pray. Seek out the Divinity. Ask for strength, health, goodness.
12. now, go shopping to the health food store.
13. get � Primal Defense, Jarrowdophilus, Olive Leaf pills or extract, fresh garlic, pumpkin seeds, psillium husks, barley green, a good food-based multi-vitamin,a good vitamin c with bioflavinoids, sub-lingual B12�s, another B-complex.
14. get vegetables � lots of them � get cabbage,radishes,greens,onions,squash,zucchini,salad greens,bell peppers,broccoli,daikon raddish,turnips,rutabagas,and o nly get a few carrots and beets.
15. soak the veggies before eating every day in water with 1t. cider vinegar added.
16. never cook the carrots or beets and use sparingly if at all because yeast loves the cooked o nes and even the raw o nes should be used in small amounts.
17. avoid buying fruit for the first month.
18. buy brown rice � short grain brown rice tastes better and cooks faster � always get organic veggies and rice and beans when possible.
19. soak brown rice overnight before cooking in water. Why? The rice turns from a starch into a digestable living sprout. Rice is a seed. It turns into a veggie.
20. same with beans. Soak them. Adzukis are a full protein and they taste great.
21. mungs are easy to cook and are a bit lentilly-tasting. They�re great for the kidneys.
22. black beans are wonderfully creamy when well-cooked.
23. for breakfast, avoid dried cereals. Eat brown rice instead. Add sauerkraut and Granny Smith apples � the o nly fruit you should eat in this first month. You�ll be amazed how nice a breakfast this is � hearty and stick-to-your-ribby, sustained energizing stuff.
24. for lunch a salad with just olive oil and a touch of cider vinegar and some sea salt, rice and beans with garlic and a tiny touch of liquid aminos.
25. for dinner, rice, steamed veggies and tofu.
26. drinks? Stevia in water with ginger and/or cinnamon instead of your usual beverages. Need a bubbly? Use Perrier instead!
27. is dessert pressing? Then have raw Granny Smith apples cut up with cinnamon and stevia.


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