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Maintaining A Healthy Balance

Maintaining a Healthy Balance � Staying Ahead of Candida Overgrowth

Clearing of Candida Overgrowth

After the die-off and a couple of days of withdrawal from the noxious substances 
you�ve been ingesting, you�ll notice a clear head, a light step, 
and better digestion, a great mood, a youthfulness and vigor, and a new look!

Keep taking the Primal Defense and Jarrowdophilus forever. Ditto for the multivitamin, 
the vitamin C and the B�s, including the B12 sublingual.

You can add other whole grains, like barley, millet, �and a few fruits, 
but keep it under control.

Add Ezekial bread o nly � since it�s sprouted and therefore a veggie 
almost � but always toast the bread before eating to kill mold. Yes, 
even refrigerated bread has it � always if put into plastic. 

You can, of course, bake your own bread from sprouted wheat and other grains. 
That�s optimal, but.. the time factor!

And get Veganaise, and if you get accoutrements, get them from the health 
food store and READ LABELS FOREVERMORE! Avoid sugar in any form, corn syrup, 
and other sugary additives. Even at the health food store, some products contain 
yeast-growing things.

Experiment with things too. See how you feel with different things, but as 
The Hallelujah Diet people recommend at Hacres.com, keeping healthy is really 
a matter of eating the way God intended and instructed in the Book of Genesis, 
and the way any true nutritionist will explain � we�re primates, 
we�re in the family of apes � yes, we�re an ape � 
isn�t that cool? And as such, we are made to eat o nly veggies, fruits, 
nuts, and seeds.

And whole foods are best � not processed.

So begin to read, learn to love veggies, and visit our site for more and more 
tips to help you Healthize, Beautifize, and Youthize!

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    Note: Note: Disclaimer - As with everything here or o n any other site, in books, magazines, or word of mouth, every body is different, every situation different, everyone's understanding and possible dosage or brand or circumstance is different. 
    Use many sources of knowledge. Check all out and learn yourself.  Read. Educate yourself.
    And check with a holistic physician or naturolathic physician or other health practitioner first before embarking o n exercise regimens, supplementation, herbs, or other remedies.
    Good, plain, simple organic fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds are the true way to health.
    These suggestions and the information shared is meant to be supplemented with other sources of knowledge and applied with ordinary caution.
    As with anything, anything can happen to anyone anywhere any time, so, just in case, even water in sufficient quantities can harm, so always use common sense and read labels, do not use anything new if you have an o n-going condition without first checking it out with a pharmacist or physician.