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Hepatitis Fix


There are so many contradicting so-called �facts� about each 
kind of hep or any other virus, that mainly are taken o n faith so much that 
people who�ve been told they have hep often despair and give up.

The truth is that many, many people heal from the virusus � even from 
hep C.

Even from AIDS. And from herpes � or at least the virus is cleared 
to the extent that there won�t be any moer outbreaks � without 
the use of conventionally-prescribed medicines.

The first thing is to believe you can be healed.

The second thing is to find out how alternatives to medicine-pushing establishment 
doctors work.

Then, the third thing is to alter your lifestyle entirely.

The fourth is to find alternative practitioners, like naturopaths, holistic 
doctors, Chinese herbalists, Ayvervedic specialists, and other alternative 
health care givers like homeopathic specialists. Buy books o n the type of 
hep or other virus you have � books that offer alternate plans and hope.

There is an answer for each patient and it�s going to be up to you 
to find it.

If you block out the idea and hand yourself over to the medical establishment, 
not o nly will your body have the virus to contend with. It will also have 
poisonous medicines, most likely. In fairness, some enlightened M.D.�s 
will o nly prescribe bed rest and good food for several months and will inform 
you that you must refrain from alcohol for a certain period. That�s 
a great start, but you should realize that much more will be required of you 
than just this if you want to live a robust and long life.

Of course, you�ve already had a bout or you wouldn�t be reading 
this, you�ve already had the diagnosis of o ne of the types of hep, been 
hospitalized, rested, repaired to an extent, and gotten depressed over your 

You can definitely have a long o ne if you become really healthy.

To heal �



Eat really good food � that means o nly organically-grown mainly fruits 
and vegetables, go easy o n the fats especially, even of nuts and seeds.

Drink lots of distilled water.

Think pretty thoughts � read the books of your faith and any lovely 
philosophies and you can�t affford the luxury of a negative thought.

Stay away � this is vital � from all poisonous substances, including 
alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, all illegal and legal drugs, toxic foods 
like fast foods, meats, dairy, etc.

Go easy with exercise but get some every day after the initial healing period 
is over.

Make sure to protect yourself from exposures to other viruses and bacteria 
and to protect others- wear condoms, etc.

Stay away from smoky environments.

Pace yourself and brace yourself for the addictions to unhealthiness you�ve 
probably lived by and for for most of your life � the withdrawls from 
sugar and whatever may be not easy and the pouting may be rough � after 
all, everyone else gets to get away with junk food and drinking, etc.

But now you must decide whether you�d like to live a healthy, active, 
long life or not.

The decision is yours.

The consequences are dire if you don�t act to heal your entire lifestyle, 
but many do and live long lives !

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