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To healize is to place yourself in the position to be healed.

It means to open yourself in order to accept the grace of healing, of healingness.

To give o neself permission to heal, to adopty healthy measures, to be given the strength, the stamina, the character in order to effect changes.

To open to the possibility of Divine grace, of the Spirit of Healing.

To feel that o ne deserves the healing.

To open o ne�s psyche to the ideas and the transformation required in order to heal, and more, to accept that psychological factors have limited you before now � that you yourself are responsible for your life the way it is, for your choices everyday, and for the state of repair or disrepair your body and entire life are in right now.


Decide that you and you alone are responsible for your daily choices in thoughts, food, exercise, and feelings. See more of the Ize Articles.

Decide that you deserve healing. Give yourself permission to accept God�s Grace as a worthy, loved, accomplished individual who wants and deserves and accepts healing.

Forgive others and yourself for everythihg. Even if it takes many sessions of prayer.

Open your heart to include everything and everyone. Love all.

Be real. To be loving means to include all. Love will heal you and nothing else will.This means to love all other animals, all other races, all other species, nations, types, religions, behaviors, parties, even all plants and places.

You are a conduit of energy. It can either be closed off as in prejudice � (judicial equals judging. Judging means excluding. Excluding leads to closing off of both love and grace and also, of healing..)-Decide to become an entirely open conduit of Love and Healing, of Kindness, Compassion, Grace, and become a Blessing o n this planet.

As a Blessing, an incarnate conduit of God�s energy, decide to become part of the healing of all our planet, of all situations that need healing, of all beings. Go toDActivist  and join the ranks of those who want to heal.

If you want to Heal, Give Healing.

You will become Healingness yourself, you will be a Blessing. You will live a good life.

Now that you�re ready, open, loving, go to YogaMermaid , then visit Veganize , then,head into  Healthize , adopt these new ways, and continue to blossom into a Blessing.

Your soul will open like the petals of a lotus flower, offering its� beauty in perfect innocence to the Sun, to the Light, to our Creator.

Become innocent again. Love all animals as yourself and Veganize today.

It will heal your body and your soul.