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Depression Fix - Cure Depression


How to fix depression naturally - that is our subject.

We know that exercise increases endorphins, but how to stimulate a depressed person into exercising?

Trying and wanting to heal it are sometimes out of our reach, and if we are with someone who is depressed, maybe we can at least improve their diets and add supplements that will alleviate their symptoms.

Getting into the sunshine daily helps, for at least twenty minutes.

Also, for more practical solutions, visit your health food store and cruise around the vitamin section, and read their books, and ask their specialists for help.

For starters, make sure to feed the depressed person, or yourself, good, organically-grown, fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts, every day.

Add a good quality food-based multi-vitamin, a good ester C, and a sublingual B-12, plus another complete B vitamin formula. In fact - B's are essential. Just adding the B's can lift someone's mood immediately - and even save lives!

And even just putting o n aerobic-type music makes our nerves think we're dancing, and does a little exercise for us vicariously, so make sure to keep TV to a minimum - it would depress anyone! - and play music instead.

Moving music might help the person process his thoughts, and cheerful music is great for the mood-elevating.

Getting out and away from the house is mandatory. Make sure to go o n outings. Make up reasons the person has to go with you, if you're not the depressed person, and make up reasons to force yourself to go out, if you are that person.

Give yourself a promise of a treat if you go out, like stop in the healthfood store and get a Soy Delicious or a Pure Decadence or Rice Dream bar and a herb tea as your reward for going out.

Buy a vegan magazine to stimulate your appetite to try new and healthy foods!

Of course, avoid all caffeine, all nicotine, and all alcohol, all sugar, and other over-the-counter drugs. They all cause depression.

If you are o n medication, visit a naturopath or holistic doctor and get yourself off the medicines and o nto healthy vitamins and other forms of healing preparations.

Medications cause depression too.

Depression can lead to much more serious things, so it must be healed.

Try these things and read the health books at the health food store for more ideas!


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