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Cure ? Or Curse

Cure or Curse 

We all know by now that the American medical establishment is an organization 
that maintains itself as a for-profit enterprise, and that the old, kindly, 
caring doctors of old are long gone, seen o nly in Little House o n the Prairie 

We all know, too, that drug cartels, who control, along with the insurance 
companies, every move a doctor makes, if he or she wants to continue to 
practice, are merely profit-gathering industries intent o n staying at the 
top of the Stock Exchange.

They do not care for your health or for those of your loved o nes.

It's that simple.

That's life as it is now, not as it should be.

Stop wishing and hoping and start educating yourself.

You are in charge of your own health.

No o ne else will be.

Stop falling under the sway of wanting a doctor to be a great and loving 
parent or of great curative power.

Mostly, the drugs they issue cause more harm than good, and, if you're 
intelligent enough to listen to the TV ads for every new drug, you'll 
notice that they're made so far by law to state their tremendously 
ill side effects, but for how long?

We need to stand up for our rights to keep any at all.