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What Would Jesus Do ?


The question should rather be ,�What DID Jesus do? And all the greatest 
philosophers, ingenius o nes, sages?

For those who do not yet know, an old Greek translation of the New Testament 
and further translations had erred in their wording of several potent sentences, 
among them the section where He serves �fish�, which was mistranslated 
from a wheat product.

Jesus was a vegan. He was an Essene, and a wandering holy man, rather like a 
yogi. He wore rough wool, eschewed comforts, and preached o nly compassion. His 
entire message and whole life was lived compassionately, as an example. Today, 
His name is used even in the service of murder of innocent animals, children, 
old people, everyone, but in His honor, no matter what your religion or belief 
systems, know His truth. He said clearly He was the entire message, and the 
message is Compassion. 

Other troubling and calamatous mistranslations were in Genesis, where a complete 
vegan diet was given to people, meanwhile telling them that they, we, people, 
have the responsibility to care for God�s other animals. This was mistranslated 
as having dominion over them and all the world. This o ne err has been used to 
rape and pillage the world and continues to fuel cruel abuses to all creatures, 
places, and resources.

One very astute source has noted that the true test of holiness of any text, 
teaching, or concept is this � is it completely harmless to all living 
beings? Because if it allows blood lust, blood-letting , killing,of innocents, 
whether animals in sacrifice, food, or cruel situations, or children or civilians, 
as in war, in the service of a supposed diety, then that diety is rather a demon 
than a God. A God would not wage violence or brook blood-letting for any purpose, 
of course. 

Stated very plainly by Jesus and by Buddha, by Issac Bashevis Singer, by Michelangelo, 
and countless other superior beings, compassion is the o nly way to live.

The very concept of owning, rather than of sharing, being a part of our living 
Planet, Sea, has brought man�s basest tendencies to claim that dominance, 
competition- the sort of primitive urges we see as male goats butt each others� 
heads each fall � to perversely become the norm in life throughout the 
world. Everything is seen as first measured,-how big, how old, how much-, and 
then pitted in some sort of competition, regardless what it is. This sort of 
linear and exclusionary thinking is behind the destruction of our very habitat, 
which is our home, which is us.A Canadian astronaut has stated that he�d 
love to bring every world leader above the planet to view its� frailty, 
the smothering clouds of pollution about to destroy its� beauty- to see 
that we really are all o ne. He naively assumes that this view would alter their 
reality. Would that it were that easy.

It seems that the primal ancestors who were clever little apes, as are we, so 
distraught by the daily fears and the fights for survival, have created in our 
brains not o nly this mating and dominational urge to subdue our perceived interlopers, 
anything threatening our personal space or mate, but also the mindless fecundity 
of incessant breeding urge, the get more and more urge, and the subdue every 
place, every wild being, and every other tribe. This terribly outdated and primitive 
urge, all of these urges, are stoked now by the corporate need for more and 
more dollars, meaning they want more and more consumers, despite the destruction 
of the world. Most follow along aimlessly, suicidally, as the whole thing collapses 
around us. Sages, scholars, those with brains and hearts seek to enlighten everyone 
else, so hurridly now that all religions have opened their coffers of sacred 
information to everyone, hoping that o nly those who are seeking, those ready 
to receive, opening, compassionating, will gain this previously forbidden knowledge 
in time. Many thousands of years of getting this message hasn�t taken 
yet. Still, to despair is to stay part of the problem. We must enlighten, enliven, 
be positive despite all, save whomever of the animals including ourselves we 
can, show others, keep the trees up we can, do all we can, and pray a lot. 

Praying does work miracles, and we will prove it to you in other articles!

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