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First, fix your mind.

Yes, it's a shocking thing, and yes, it jolts all our systems, involuntarily, 
just to think of it.

Fix on this - AIDS is a fact of everyone's life.

And, no matter what your past, your precautions, your mate, or your lifestyle, 
you yourself may already be, or may someday be, infected.

Savor your denial, there, but by the grace of God..smug distance away 
from this epidemic.

Save your holier than thou, attitudes too.

No matter what your religious preferences, all true religions begin and end 
with the word, LOVE.

What would Jesus have done ?

Since the so-called Christians are leading the Holy War against gays, let's 
start with the one they purport to follow.

Who were His companions ?

Were they the equivalent of today's Republicans and Fundamentalist Church-goers?

Quite the opposite.

Why do you suppose Jesus chose to be among people who needed His ministry of 
Love, Healing, and Salvation ?

Why do you suppose He was executed as a trouble-maker and a revolutionary ?

The person of Jesus, unique in the great religions of the world, poses the greatest 
example of what a holy life asks of us, and His life was the example for His 
followers to follow.

The Prince of Peace ministered to the ill, to the dying, to the lost, and to 
the sinners of his world.

He had no feeling separation from the masses, and preached only love, forgiveness, 
inclusion, and charity.

How many Christians today actually devote themselves to giving care to their 
fellow humans ? and although they all seem to advocate the abolishment of abortion 
- which we all should applaud - they keep on having their own children 
without advocating adopting the billions of unwanted, starving, and homeless 
children already o n the planet.

They exclude the gay people entirely from the circle of blessedness or potential 
salvation, and condemn entire populations of people who would probably not have 
chosen to be gay in the first place !

From all accounts, gayness is a norm in all human populations  - i.e., 
a certain percentage of the population is born being gay.

It is a lifestyle not envied by most, and to practice one's preferences 
in this world has never been easy for them.

To deny the rights for two consenting adults to marry is another issue - 
and o ne as steeped in economic greed as it is in envy and religiosity.

The tax breaks given to married couples is perhaps the largest reason for the 
governmental bans o n legitimate official joinings of household partners.

Before we get into the way to treat this disease, and the way to survive it, 
imagine that you have it for just a moment.

Imagine that, no matter what your status, your marital status or sexual preference, 
your past, your behaviour, or whatever your risk-factors were, you somehow had 
acquired this virus.

Put yourself in this person's place for a moment.

Really love this person as he or she is, whether a baby, a child, a teen, or 
an adult - regardless - and now imagine that, on top of the fear, 
the burden of the medical procedures facing most, the economic crises, the information onslaught, you have the loathing of much of society to deal with, along with the prejudices, the ostracizing, and the outright,  -you're a sinner 
and you're damned - people to point fingers at you when you're 
the most down you'll ever be in your life.

Imagine your fear that your own family might throw you out, once you've 
told them, or once you've tried to move back home because you've 
lost the place where you'd lived.

Imagine that they, too, are fundamentalists, that they have at most a veiled 
horror at you, at what they imagine you've indulged in to get the disease.

Now imagine that, as perhaps your body is looking thin, or that your face has 
started to show the signs of illness and you're getting weaker.

Imagine the shunning attitudes and the people looking quickly away from you 
as you make your way to a grocery or onto a bus.

Now, imagine - in the midst of all this trauma, this utter nightmare -
that Jesus appears, as He most certainly would have done in his life on earth.

What do you suppose Jesus would have done ?

Can you imagine Him standing up with Falwell and the hate-mongers, spouting 
off scripture and hell-fire while advocating the teachings of the only perfect 
being who ever lived ? the kindest? The very essence of peace and love ?

How many members of how many churches volunteer to help anyone any more ? how many who wallow in the war-loving and the hate-spewing rehtoric covering Christianity - perversely turned-on by the excitting prospect of Armageddon (where 
their enemies will be destroyed and the Prince of Peace will instead return 
as an avenging destoyer ), to the exclusion of all of Jesus' directives 
and His example - and how many who revel in fighting abortion so skilfully 
offer their caretaking to the thousands of ADS and crack babies born every day ?

At least get real. Be honest about how you practice your religion.

After all, you will have to answer for your twisted version of Christianity 
someday and explain your own role in the world - there is a special place 
for those who espouse to be Godly and use the Lord's Name in vain.

I was shocked to hear some homeless talk about not being able to even get entry 
into churches any more, let alone be given a meal !

What has happened to the real Christians ?

In today's line-up of fundamentals and Catholics -

where is the room for Christ Himself ?



To enlighten those who are not yet aware -many, many people with AIDS 
now live long, comfortable, healthy lives.

Thanks to the spiritual solace that great people who have filled the gap left 
by the religious in their stone-throwing to gays who have contracted AIDS, like 
the angelic and gifted Louise Hay, the spiritual healing necessary to support 
someone in dire need has been fulfilled.

There are many well-known stars, including, first, the great and most beautiful 
lady on the planet, Elizabeth Taylor, who wasted not a second before she gave 
her full love, support and full resources to help those who'd come under 
this terrible pestilence.

So many young people ! So many wonderful and gifted people of every walk of 
life, every age, every circumstance !

So many having suffered and died alone, afraid, ostracized, even demonized ! 
Can you imagine condemning someone in physical, mental, and spiritual anguish, 
and not offering help and support ?

After receiving the excellent community support that mainly the gays have offered, 
like those programs which provide meals and other services - doesn't the 
way the gay community has joined together and filled the emergency gap where 
others who have professed religiosity have left make you wonder just what side 
the angels are actually o n in this pitiable war of ill will against the suffering 
many of the Americans are reveling in ?

We at Eco Magazine offer our prayers, our strength, information, and support to 
all people in search of healing. We hope our info and articles will aid in your 
journey toward spiritual and physical health.

The concept of healing by altering one's diet, by exercise, by training 
one's mind to believe, to focus, and to meditate, many have freed themselves 
from this life-stealer.

At Eco Magazine, we have many suggestions of how to improve the conditions of 
anyone's life, and how to cope, and how to cure. We also offer a grief 
section for all the greiving which is also a part of life - whether for parts 
of your lost self, for the planet in need, or for more intimate losses. Since 
life is a journey and change is the medium, we like to address this misunderstood 
aspect in a positive way.

Please look through the health and diet sections, the mediations, the stimulations, 
and see the links below for further ideas o n how to effect your own healing 
or that of a loved one.

We - all of us - can pray every day for those who have fallen into 
this dis-ease, and to show us all the way to heal it.

A physician we know said that everyone is already affected by global pollution, 
and that the symptoms for everyone are increasing daily - witness the 
outbreaks of MRSA, rampant in hospitals - caused by the constant use of 
anti-bacterials, which have produced a profusion of evolutionary varieties of 
new strains of drug-tolerant germs. Even hospitals now urge people to o nly use 
regular soap around wounds and around the home.

Natural healers know that garlic - that wonderful panacea - three 
cloves a day, and some of the liquid form topically, if needed - can stop 
even systemic MRSA, if used for six months or so.

Those in the know understand that the time has long since come when we all must 
take our own health into our own hands.

Many Chinese herbalists and naturopaths, nutritionists, and holistic physicians 
have shown the way to healing.

Using only organically-grown fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, plus healing 
natural herbs, sunshine, fresh air, the right exercise, and meditation, plus 
load of prayer, have saved countless people threatened with AIDS and other life-altering conditions.

What used to be the simple gift of health is now something we all must cherish, 
protect, and work to keep or achieve daily, starting, as always, with the spirit.

It will be, as a matter of fact, only a matter of time before everyone exhibits 
some aspect of auto-immune dis-ease, if we don't combine in a powerful 
political force and coerce the corporate-run governments of the world to first- 
stop human overpopulation, and second, to stop pollution.

Everyone will feel the effects very personally unless something is done immediately 
on a global scale to save our planet.




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