Heal Your Body

What is disease ? Unease ? No. It is anti-ease, dis-ease.

Many factors can affect the whole of a person's body, and his or her 

Starting with the head, let�s examine these factors.

Our heads, by the way, contain more than just the overused and exalted reptilian brain which evolved solely to keep us in survival mode.

We also have an undercelebrated cerebrum and cerebellum inside our noggins.

Let us use this part of our heads to rationally look at the state of things 

Seeing our entire specie as o ne is the logical starting place.

The entire human race has some degree of autoimmune deficiency. And, much worse, all of the other animal species also have the same, due not to their own actions, but to ours. The environment of the natural world had everything we and they needed for life like in a paradise, and yet, without the trees, the forests, to create oxygen, cool the planet, and add moisture we have what in their place? Cheap furniture and cheaper houses?  We have even precious songbirds having to fight with the proliferation of cannibal birds like hawks who now can see them all too clearly, and they must find nests in odds places, like o n the eaves of office buildings.
Only a few animals are this adaptable, and all of us are very susceptible to the ever increasingly polluted air, water, and other resources.

And what of that term again? Auto-immune deficiency?

Yes, it means AIDS

And, after all, asthma and artiritis are other manifestations of this attempt by the body to save itself. And a physician recently told us that the immune system, ever restless in its' pursuit to protect us, has become over-active due to the continued use of so many anti-biotics, antiseptics, and cleaning solutions that have taken over its' job of cleaning up, so it turns on us. 

A little cleaning with eco products like white vinegar or grapefruit seed extract is fine, but all this overkill has caused the insatiably mutating super-bugs we've all heard of, eating flesh in hospitals and in even small wounds that can easily become fatal.

Don't use antibacterials, soap or lotions, and forget about the bleach and get back to naturals. We need some germs, some bacteria, some viruses in order to function. Even our foods have been denuded of the normal soil bacteria and must be replaced via a tablet every day for optimal health. (See more Healthize and Veganize articles)..

It is impossible to ignore the fact that we are all actively involved in the 
willful destruction of our own, our o nly, home - of our planet.

It is impossible to escape - in any corner of the world - the 
effects of overpopulation - the root cause of all the ills of the world 
- with its' attendant pollution of the air, the water, the soil, 
and therefore, of our own biologic systems.

Let us start with what we, as individuals, can control in our lives, remembering that in order to heal, we must start with our inner selves.

One symptom of the entire disease of our human race is intolerance.
Intolerance and instransigence of any kind is like rigormortis and leads not to the moist flexability of vibrancy, of full lifefulness, but to the stiffness of early death.

Do you have any stubborn and unmoving ideas? Any notions that cause you to feel superior or separate from others, whether of the other animal families or within our own specie?

Let's look at the case of gayness for example.

Why would so many people have such extreme emotions connected to an individual's personal sexual perference ?

Why do we, as a specie, attempt contstantly to enforce our own views of culture, religiosity, and behaviour o n others ?

Why would someone being gay, or wanting to marry someone of his or her own sex bother anyone else?

The answer, alongside the basic drive to dominate and control others apparently inherent in our being human, if not risen above consciously, is found in two things - the old, reptilian biologic urge to continue o neself via the ridiculous idea that a person could somehow survive if he plants his seed 
into another generation.

The second is found in archaic religious texts which some stubbornly insist 
are to be taken ver batim as edicts.

The third is just convention - that is, the average person is straight 
- not gay - therefore the majority wishes to make everyone in 
his or her own likeness.

The forth is the fear that somehow, if gays are allowed to mingle among children, then one's offspring will certainly become gay, or that gay people cannot control their sexual urges, or that gay people are always attempting to seduce children - in other words, that one so-called perversity bleeds into another .

This is as outrageous as believing that any straight male or female is not 
to be trusted around any child,.

Individuals should, ideally, be looked at singly, as separate human beings.

Certainly, ostracization is the o nly way to handle pedophilia, whether associated with same or opposite sexual behaviour.

To assume that, because gay parades and bathhouse wild ways extend throughoutthe gay community is as absurd as assuming that all men who frequent porn shops represent the entire mass of males in society.

All groups have their extreme members.

Another cause for so much animosity is found if you, as in Agathat Christie's 
wise words, follow the money.

Allowing married couples to get tax breaks has caused the idea of gay marriage to evoke panic in our lawmakers, while the average American wonders , - why so much fuss ?

There is inherent in any fundamental, reactionary approach to religion or 
government - and these days, we have advocates of absolute theocracy 
in power - power-sanctioned mass movement based on both envy and greed, and the strong will to stay in power, and the belief that all others will 
either despoil the country or usurp the power of these groups, undermining 
all they've achieved and are in the process of attaining.

Referring to the Rebublicans now in control of American, this achievement 
is vast and represents the allegiance of many, many citizens.

They should not be taken lightly.

What they've planned and created is awesome.

It serves a specific group, and allies itself with other, peripheral groups 
- some of whom had before always been bitter enemies. To see the Catholics align themselves with Southern Baptists in the sponsorship of a theocratic government is both amazing and alarming. An historical event, it deems us all, despite our feelings or beliefs, to respect what they've done and what they believe.

They are on a holy mission - a Jihad - a holy war - and 
the pivotal issues which have brought these diverse and powerful groups togetherhave been , first, the abortion issue, second, the gay issue, third, the outlandish tastelessness of the media, and fourth, the issue of terror, which is linked in their minds with the religions of Christianty and Judaism.

These two religions, two of three which spring from the same source as Islam, have never been together before in their long history.

In the crusades, Christians were attempting to get and hold the holy center 
city of Jerusalem and to exclude Jewish people as well as Islamic believers.

Now, the similarities between Judaism and Christianity have been magnified, and the differences between both and Islam have also been magnified.

The belief that each male seed is sacred was born in a time when the Jews 
were a rather primitive tribe of small numbers. In order to perpetuate theimselves,the edicts were formulated - whether by God or man makes no difference to this discussion - which are now in control of the planet.

Many of these primitive traditions hold sway in areas where other religions 
are followed, as in the ancestor-worship in the far east.

This is not meant to condemn - merely to examine and report in an attempt 
to find some common ground on which to erect a model of thought and behaviour which will come in time to save the world.

Peacemaking is becoming a lost art in these times of panic stoked by the pressures of overpopulation, while so many seek only to feather their own nests while vast millions starve to death every day - in direct oppostion to any standards of decency stated in every religion on earth.

While our oceans contain now more plastic than plankton, while the world spins into horros we can only begin to approach in science fiction and we all seek to bury our heads in the sand and hope God will come to save the day and smite our enemires - do you see anything wrong with that statement ?

I hope so !

And yet, this is exactly what those in power, smug in their covering of strictly exclusionary religiosity, believe. They're rushing merrily to destroy 
the world in a warped belief that they are somehow doing God's will !

Your mind may have been swayed in childhood by sheer rote and environmental pressures and religiosity, but your emotions and your real mind know hypocricy for what it is! A cruel lie like that, something that just doesn't feel right to your soul can cause dis-ease.

Read it and weep !

Without some sort of actual adherance to, Jesus' true teachings which 
center only on love, sharing, and forgiveness, on peace, universalism, and 
tolerance - his companions were who ? beggars, thieves, prostitutes, 
the downtrodden, the poor, the needy, - all of whom He helped. All of whom 
he shared with. And isn't the first thing to live His example ?

Despite and against all that Jesus stood for, the masses of fundamental-based religious people in office truly believe, are inflamed by, and interested in only the concept of Armageddon.

It's far more eciting to the lowest of human vices and emotions than 
Jesus' teachings, and yet His teachings were what He stated were the 
entire message, the alpha and the omega. I am the message.

Well, to get a clear picture of what's going on, this is basic to a 
compassionate understanding of the misguided people in power.

They lack compassion.

They extol the virtues of hunting, of war-making, and of dominating weaker 
countries, of slamming political opponenets with rudeness and viciousness 
not ever seen before in American statesmanship.

This is the reality.

First, see clearly.

Second, do not despair, merely seek to understand.

Third, try to find some way of peace-making in all of this.

The so-called left, or liberals, are seen by the right as all believing that there should be no guards on the media, that porn should be everywhere, that nothing will be safe from the rampant and indiscriminate realm of money-making, when the fact is that - yes, the media, the film industry, tv, especially, has gone too far. The extremes of profit-fuelled sex and violent content would annoy any sane person - the fact is that the giantcorporations who produce these same mind-polluting products are the o nes who are in power.

Get it ?

The government is playing footsie with all the corporations, and we are merely a buying pool - a corralled bunch of consumers, and they wish for more and more - preferably miserable people, since they tend to buy more, 
the young and middle-aged do, so they have completely disenfranchised the 
poor, the disabled, and the elderbly as a consequence - they wish for more 
and more people to be born into buying socieites so that more and more products will be sold - this is the reason that the strong alliance of religiosity, racial imperatives ( to keep one's own ethnic strain in large numbers), and economic reasons are driving this machinery to ruin the world, while the nicer sorts of people stand in stunned amazement or have their hands so full of trying to survive that they are out of the loop entirely.

To get back to the original discussion - that of fixing disease -
let's remember that an open, loving heart embraces all living things 
- all beings - and judges not.

Blessed are the peacemakers, is overlooked by so many in favor 
of the more violent and cruel of the old traidtional texts.

Like lemmings, we are, when overcrowded, as now, more likely to engage in suicidal behaviours.

This is what is seen worldwide.

The fix oneself requires opening that heart spiritually first, doing the things 
we all know will help our bodies - rest, eat veggies and fruit, nuts 
and seeds only, resisting the intake of toxic foods and substances like caffeine and sugar and alcohol and nicotene, exercising outside in the sunshine avoiding peak hours, giving to others, being kind to all animals, and plants, resting adcequately, filling one's mind with nourishing and kind words rather than the weird and violent stories on tv, and relaxing with loved ones.

The simple way most have healed themselves involves first this spiritual connection - dropping the violent and cruel practices of meat and animal-based foods, adding juicers to their kitchen counters, and loading up on fresh, organic veggies and fruits.

Simple, isn't it?

And yet, we, as a specie, somehow prefer to complicate things, and go wilfully into destruction, hoping that our basic interest in the adrenaline-stimulating activities will save us.

They won't.

Peace heals.

Love heals.

They are one and the same.

Live and let live.

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