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The Legacy Of Oblivion

The Legacy Of Oblivion

We all slide into oblivion, either sooner or later.

It is the inevitable we wish not to ponder.

We offset the thought by many means, and we like to think that the handful 
of famous names we�ve taken with us through scant ages are really of 
some import.

In the vast scheme of things, in the rare moments when we are not being myopic, egocentric, and steeped in denial, as in the precious moments of meditation or in selfless acts, we understand that we are part of o ne huge, mystical body of somethingness.

In what we�ve always referred to as nothingness, there is energy.

We are all o ne, every atom and subatomic particle of us, naturally including 
all the other animals, the plants, and even what we term as resources.

The wise ancients viewed places of water, like the seas, streams, lakes, springs, as holy sites, where spirits dwell, or more accurately, when their senses were allowed to feel, where they knew that they had, were, spirit, life, energy.

This is just o ne instance of how somethingness, the great spirit sea in which 
we are contained and parts of has been perceived.

Now, during this continuation of the dark ages of mind, of ego, of cerebral 
domination, most of us remain stubbornly disconnected from the living body 
of allness, but very many have become enlightened to this embracing fact.

To think about the way people who live in denial of the inevitability of death 
throw themselves into the strange patterns of even self-destructiveness in 
order to make a name for themselves, as it�s called, is to see the futility 
and the waste of such a life.

In the angst of suicidal acts is first the confrontation of the gods, as in 
"see? I�m not afraid. I�m indestructible� .
And then, the showing off to companions or other audiences, the old rutting urge to dominate, to stand out, and then, and most pathetic, the stupidity of those who, for instance, languish in prison as serial killers, having sought mainly to publicizer the shame which led them to indulging perverse appetites and their ultimate domination of, usually, some abusive parent.
By thus winning, they lose.

And think of the pop stars who�ve self-destructed, especially the o nes 
who�ve wanted to be famous rather than happy, who�ve slavishly 
followed the unintelligent lead of others who�ve been, for a time, a 
generation or two, enshrined mainly because they�d died while still 
in relative youth.

The pathetic condition of those who seek fame, wealth, addiction, attempting 
to fill their empty coffers should realize that all of us, even Einstein, 
will slide into oblivion. ( The saddest thing about Einstein, by the way, is that in his latter years, he regretted the use they'd put his discoveries - he, of course, was a vegetarian, as were so many great geniuses.)

Oblivion -the entire planet will slide into it, is sliding, has the planetary equivalent of AIDS as we, rampaging through denial still, inflict ever more wounds o n our own and o nly home, as we continue in, as in Margaret Mead's words,�mindless fecundity�, overbreeding enormous populations which the planet cannot handle, while millions starve every year. Millions. And while most people live in such horrific conditions that the lucky o nes born into safety cannot or will not even fathom, so vast is the problem.

And then, noticing that the animals are in a state of holocaust brought o n 
by factory farming, that precious lives are not o nly snuffed out but tortured 
throghout their existence, is a fact that any who thinks of himself as kind 
needs to work to correct, with every fibre of his being.

The wildlife, suffering their own horrors, get most of the attention of the o nes who do care about animals, while unfeeling hunters pick them off and even with the Republicans' sanction, get us taxpayers to foot their bills for it. 

The hapless strays are murdered by the millions each day, merely 
because there is no room for them, no home, has not provoked more than a handful of counties in a few states yet to stop people from breeding dogs, cats, and horses, and to make breeders pay a stiff license fee.

This is o nly a logical thing to do. Doesn�t it ranke that your tax dollars 
are spent o n killing innocent pets? See 
Stop Breeders.

Yet, the very least of them are the farm animals, so called, though they�ve 
never seen a farm and never will, the lab animals, and the fur animals. See 
Farm Fix.

Spending their lives in horrible conditions, while inspectors are kept out 
now by law, thanks to the Republicans, who apparently love to sancitmoniously 
sanction abject cruelty as part of their regime to make money out of everything 
and everyone, despite the immorality of it, standing o n this o ne issue � 
abortion, (which none of us can sanction � see, as their 
one morality, they�ve sacrificed all other thoughts of decency in their 
campaigns to annihilate everything natural or wild. And even o n that issue, they've wavered, with Bush now condoning stem-cell research from fetuses. Republicans hold nothing sacred and will twist anything to make a financial gain.
These are just facts.
We must make the best of conditions as we change them.

If you�d like to be able to face yourself in the mirror, get out and 
do something. 
Don�t hide behind your limitations of time, your excuses 
of work or family. 
Everyone has time to contribute.

Find it.

Use it to save the world.

If not, you are living in denial about the emergency state of the world.

There is no other place to go.

We are all o ne. Get used to it. Get going. Get your head out the sand.
Be a part of the good guys in the white hats. 

EcoizeVeganize to save the planet and the animals.

Take steps. Even doing something is much better than being part of the problem

See the menu items at left and start educating yourself. You will benefit 
in so many ways, it�s just amazing!

Give. Contribute. Get active.

See the links at 
DActivist and start emailing today!

You're creating your own legacy now. You can leave this world a better place than when you arrived here - or at least you can contribute to its' betterment.

Let your life mean something.

Save those who need saving.

Let your legacy - your contribution  - be of love.

Life is temporary. Let yours mean something - let the fact that you've walked the Earth matter in Compassionate ways.
Stand for Love.