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The Gift In The Grave

grave gift


There�s a silver lining around every cloud.

There really is !

Only someone who has survived a bitter and excruciating loss will live to 
tell about it.

Survivors come in many forms, and some ever after fail to thrive.

And some find their true faith among the embers of the funeral pyres of loss.

To rise again like the Phoenix is no easy trick after having lost greatly.

Either through the loss of a close loved o�ne, the survivors of a disaster, 
of or a disease, whether we�re speaking of the failure in a career or 
the failure to win the hand of o�ne�s desired spouse, everyone has to 
learn to mourn.

Morpheus wears a disguise. In his cloak, covered from head to toe, hooded 
aspect, he wears the blackness of the darkest night. He steals into bed-chambers, 
along hospital corridors, and o�n crowded highways - unnoticed.

He is invisible to o�nlookers except - in an oft-occuring appearance to the 
one who will be traveling with him quite soon. To many, and some critical-care 
unit workers say most, of the dying, a presence visits o�n that last day - 
and o�ne who evokes no fear, but a gentle calm.

It is clear that he throws off the cloak of disguise and reveals himself for 
who he really is - a glorious being of light - an Angel, come to escort the 
departing soul to the great beyond.

I have heard the account of deceased relatives visiting several people i knew 
on their last days - and these were lucid, educated, normal people not o�n 
medications, and each time, they'd conveyed the description of "Others" 
being with the loved o�nes. The visit would be to announce the immanent death, 
presumably to prepare the traveler gently.

It is unlikely that so elaborate a system with such precise detail would have 
evolved, along with our endorphins, just to make dying a more pleasant thing 
- to take the fear away.

Death in his most pleasing form becomes a liberator, and more, an illuminator 
either to assist us to another realm or to guide us away from the body kindly.

Either way, isn't it nice to know that the vast majority of people who are 
on their way out have Death as an ally and an intimate ?

It�s wiser to believe than not to � after all, since we have no 
choice in the fact that there will be a journey�s end, how wonderful 
to know that we will not have to go alone � this is a great gift of