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Solar Realm - Soular Realm

Solar Realm - Soular Realm

The similarity of words is telling in this case - these two words - 
solar and soular - differentiate only by the addition of the letter 
u, sounding like you.


The sun shines.

The soul should shine - is meant to shine - once enlightened -
that is, once realized, actualized, activated by having thrown off the burdens, the shadows of doing wrong and the attendant guilt, o nce having been freed of the toxins, clarified, then, like a cleaned window, the Light can then shine as the sun shines.

We - in our Soularization - invite you to join in our system 
of betterment of ourselves and of the world.

We at Eco Magazine learn to Veganize, first - because, first - 
do no harm. This is freely offered out of love and pure compassion, then -
all will be added unto you. As promised.

The sun stands for the radiant life-giving, plant-growing, ever-sowing masculine power of our existence in our little galaxial set-up.

It's strong rays beam on us and are so fierce, unlike the lunar light, 

that we must in fact shelter from too much energy, and can even be harmed 
by it.

The intensity of the solar realm is contrasted with the more subtle and glamorous lunar realm.

There are times in life when the intensity of your own soul can eclipse you 
and take you off-balance. See 
Spirit Fix and Grief Mermaid.

At these times, the LunarRealm can soothe you and give you a place of shelter while your soul heals. It is a more solitary place and can assist during those times of life when one feels isolated.

During healing times, or times of grief -and we will all, if we haven'

already - encounter such times - the spirit expands to embrace 
often harsh realities, and we meet our own souls, our destinies, our finiteness, and become larger than we had been before.

During trying phases of life, it is then necessary to rediscover the joyousness necessary to survival -to existence - and to learn again to shine.

It will happen if one is patient, and if one clings to nature as a solace 
(again, the sol in solar, soular - the healing warmth of the life-giving 
sun !)

And, of course, the moon's range of powers includes the sexual arena. Most of our own sexual activity falls under a moonlit sky, as well as for many other species. The moon reigns supreme in these creative realms. 

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