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Change - The Final Frontier


To the raves of time, to the wrongful injustices, to the indignities of aging, 
to death himself we say, �Onward ! Bring it o�n !�, and like, Captain 
Kirk, boldly go where everyone goes � through the twinkling, the shimmering 
waves of time.

The essence of the sublime, change is not o�nly the motion but the medium.

�To accept what we cannot change� with grace and reverence is 
an ideal we often do not display.

Especially while writing in the agonies of severe loss, as in the death of 
a close companion, whether of another specie or of our own � love is 
love, remember ? and everyone�s heart is open to a different degree, 
so don�t scoff at o�ne person who is grieving over a little dog and compare 
to another�s grief over a lost child � we can never weigh souls 
or hearts, and judgement is not ours to discern.

Love is love, and grief is grief � a land so hard, so mysterious and 
so personal, that we all dread to have to tread there, but tread there we 
all will, if we live long enough.

So stop categorizing and quantifying and start giving compassion to our fellows 
in this journey of life, whether they�re animals, vegetables, or minerals, 
we�re all in this flight of fancy, this world of illusion as the mystics 
in the East tell us, and part of the Holy Spirit � the vast oceanic 
substance which envelops all forms of all kinds.

No matter what your religion is, if any, the scientists tell us it is confirmed 
� we live in a sea of energy from which forms emerge, evolve, are created 
and destroyed. 

The eternal dance of Shiva is a reality.

The Great Spirit is the Holy Spirit is the Cosmic Cloud is the Tao is the 
energy field of the scientists.

Take your pick.

Start applying your soul to thoughts and realize that most differences among 
people are very, very slight, and that wars, fought over sharing, caring, 
and ignited by really mundane differences in religiosity or failures of diplomacy, need not continue.

Focus o�n the truth of change and flow with it into that sea of love � 
the true nature of creation, of freedom, of happiness.

Float o�n it, revel in it, love it.

Change is life.

Change is also death.

Mystery is a constant.

Catch a wave � don�t be a slave !

Rave before the grave.

As the father of o�ne of the staff always reminds his grown children, �Enjoy Life !�



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