Grief Mermaid

Grief Mermaid

We push it away from our minds as unthinkable.

We see it on TV every day and hear it on the news.

We go along through our lives and stay in denial. It won't ever happen 
to me. It only happens to strangers far away.


And yet, death will knock on all our doors.

Death will come and bear away everyone we love first, and then us, or the other way around.

Despite the order, all of us will be conveyed out on the belt of time sooner or later.

The hard part is losing someone close.

It is this affliction that Grief Mermaid will guide us through.

Although grieving is a natural process, and one shared by all living, no 
matter what specie, it is something that our modern culture has discarded, partly by choice and partly by way of the far-flung ways we live our lives, leaving relatives isolated and alone.

The tidying up after the scary wake of death has entered into our lives is often done by others, and the spell is set up that takes us into a hellish trip we never wanted and never were prepared to face.

We will face it together on these pages.

If it happens in your family or close circle of companions, or rather, when - remember that if it is you, you will drift along into a twilight zone of not quite living in the world you'd remembered for quite some time, and if it's someone else, understand that he or she is not now quite of this earth.

It is for this dangerous time that we at Grief Mermaid are volunteering to be your guides.

You'll need help.

Help may not be forthcoming in the way you most need it, when you need it 

Pastors, pals, even books fall short of the dire needs you'll experience 
during the two years or so you will need to become accepting of the changed state of life.

Accepting is all you can do.

It is the hardest of the tasks ahead.

ll find that most might even avoid you and the very subject of death 

and of your loss. Some may make you feel like you're tainted in some 
way, like a jinx.

Your tragic circumstances have brought into their lives a kind of darkness that is so primal that they cannot, no matter how evolved, bring themselves to deal with adequately enough to be of use to you.

You'll have to find others who share your pain, if possible, by finding 
grief groups in your area, through churches, mostly, or hospitals.

Many communities have o nly specialized meetings, like o
nly for grieving parents or spouses, and many of you will not find a group with which you can meaningfully connect.

I myself wandered through the internet for months and never found the balm for my agony upon the loss of a close loved-one that I desperately needed.

Many decide to suicide during these times. Please NEVER leave someone who is stunned with grief alone - ( recently I saw sadly that a woman had wandered away after her father had died - and before they'd found her I already knew that, since her boyfriend and her mother allowed her to go on her daily errands as usual, rather than staying with her, that she had gone to be with her beloved Daddy. Stay with the griever 24/7 for weeks if necessary, or have loved ones take turns, whether the griever wants this constant company or not. )

Many isolate to a large degree.

Some feel they are not fun any more, and others are made to feel that way 
by their former friends. They enter a state of shadowy depression that forever separates them from the life they had known before.

Experts assert that a full two years is standard for a close death to be endured to the extent that joy can return, so expect this length of time or longer to adjust to realities that cannot be escaped.

Chaos reigns in times of grief, and few are prepared for the extremes of emotions you will go through.

Hold onto yourself through the changes, because there will be many.

Hold onto the thought that o ne day you'll be able to smile again, and 
more, will be able to look at that photo of your loved o ne and not feel gripped inside by the burning pain of loss.

You'll even sleep at night again.

You'll never be the same,though. Not ever.

The you before the loss has also gone forever.

A nostalgic witfulness will forever color your smile, and your soul will never 
again shrink into the small thing it used to be.

Death is a most amazing enlightener.

A bell-wringing, tear-stained cross to bear no o
ne wants, and yet everyone 

must share - sooner or later.

There is some consolation in this, although not enough to matter to the grieving.

The soul-shaking fury that is a normal part of the grief cycle is something 
many are surprised by.

The depression is expected, the sadness, but so many will tactlessly remark, 
maybe a few months after your loss, are you STILL grieving ?, as if you're a freak, or there is a certain time limit, or whatever.

Thoughtlessness abounds in the embarrassment and fear exhibited by those around you, for they just do not understand - yet.

Death is a subject that is best explored and conquered by a spiritual approach, and we'll guide you through the listlessness, the terrors, the rages, and the loneliness.

Read the articles here, and keep swimming back - even on rivers of tears, for Grief Mermaid is here for you.

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Even the Classic Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, the statue made of Hans Christian Andersen's tale, is in a grief repose. Many mermaid myths have centered around the concept of grief or of sacrifice and of transformation, so EcoMermaid naturally incorporated GriefMermaid into her Mermaid Seas.

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