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Greening - The Most Important Thing To Green Is You !

The Most Important Thing To Green!

Greening is the aim all of us Earthlings who are deterined to save the world are focusing o n.
What actually is Greening?
To Green is to restore, to renew, to replace, and to protect the Greenness, that is, the Life, o n our planet.
To Go Green means to care. To consider the whole of life first, which is the o nly logical thing to do, since to do otherwise is basically to pull the rug out from under ourselves and everyone we love.
So, Greening is loving o neself!

Your body craves green food - fruits, veggies, grains, seeds, and nuts - and they taste, obviously, much, much better than dead carrion flesh!
Any of the meals you're accustomed to can easily today be Veganized - turned into Green Meals - and while you're saving your health, you're also saving the world!

How does this work?

First of all, the soul craves compassion toward all our fellow beings, so this brings your spirit to a point of joy!
Then, your body thrills to being fed vibrant, colorful, healthy plant foods while you stop feeding yourself roadkill or toxins, and your body begins to renew itself magically!
Then, the years peel off your face and form, the pounds melt, and a younger, more energetic, and slender you is revealed!
Then, the satisfaction of knowing that, by each Green Meal, you've saved lives - both human and all other animals' lives - supplies you with a feeling of belonging in the world like you've never before experienced! A kinship with all Life brings a completeness of Spirit that o nly true Compassion to All Beings can bestow!

By saving land otherwise given to grazing of cattle for the cruelty industries, you are saving arable land for grains and vegetables to be grown, as they were
in the past, in order to feed the huge populations of humans now starving due to the usurping of those lands.
So, by eating Green Food, you are causing crops to continue to be grown in order to feed hungry people.

Since the cattle raising also is the cause of the most major air and water pollution in the world, then you, by Greening Your Food, are creating cleaner air and water, addressing that solution too!

Keeping trees up is another life and planet-saving cause of Greening Your Food, and along with the soul, the body, and the saving of people, other animals, and the planet itself, there is the great taste of Vegan Food!

So, what is the most important thing to Green? 
It's your Food!
Your Food is You - what ( and, sad to say, Who), you eat is what you are.
Yes, you are what you eat.
So, if you eat what our bodies were designed to eat - it's always a �what� and never a �who� - always plant-based foods, Green foods, then, not o nly will you thrive, stay alive longer, be brighter - yes, Vegans are brighter, tests prove! - look much younger, be able-bodied and agile, feel great, and be more productive and happier, but you'll also be Saving Our Planet by Greening Your Food!

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he Most Important Thing To Green!