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Going Green Goes Mainstream !

Going Eco

It's all over the tabloids, in all the fashion mags, almost everywhere you 
look these days there is yet another celebrity, finally coming clean - coming 
out of the green closet !
GoingEco Goes Mainstream !
They're opening up about their most closely guarded beauty secrets and health 
info. Yes, the Beautiful People are not beautiful and youthful by genetic 
blessings or by pure, dumb luck. Those smart enough to have been able to navigate 
the teeming and dangerous waters o n the voyage toward success in show business 
- which ,as we know, is a sea filled with sharks and even sea monsters - are 
indeed intelligent enough to seek out any mysteries which will enable them 
to stay o n top, to continue looking young, to be able to keep their stamina, 
and to appear effortlessly flawless before the prying camera lenses of papparazzi.

From Pamela Anderson to Alicia Silverstone, the word is that, in addition 
to their personal trainers, they stay young-looking, vital, and active, by 
using the advice of famous nutritionists ! They eat vegan foods !

Staying gorgeous with showbiz icons is an industry must, and, although most 
will never reveal their whole beauty regimen, you can bet it involves lots 
of fresh, raw, organic produce - fruit and veggies three meals a day - juicing, 
soaked nuts and seeds, plenty of pure, distilled water, and little else.

Many of these ageless beauties also do fruit-fasts - a model's stand-by - 
which clears the complexion and drops any excess weight. Even if o nly done 
for o ne day, and just using grapes, for instance, everyone can achieve that 
glowing, gorgeous look.

Even just making o ne meal a day an entirely raw fruit or raw veggie meal will 
do wonders for anyone.

To have your dinner at 5:00 o'clock, and to abstain from anything but fruit 
after that is also a handy trick of the rich and famous.

Although they like to keep their secrets, a few are now coming forward with 
this information. We at EcoMermaid are so impressed with Seinfeld star Jason 
Alexander, who came forward and condemned the very company he did ads for, 
KFC, for the utter cruelty they inflict o n the helpless chickens under their 
control. He is our first EcoHero, in fact. To have spoken out and stood up 
for the very smallest and most helpless and frail of all the innocent victims 
of the meat industry, and a company which had been paying him vast sums of 
money, is just extraordinarily heroic! 

So many musicians use this vegan diet in order to be able to complete grueling 
world tours, but so few actually discuss it. Prince does, as does Moby. and 
they've been heroic to come forward with the disclosure. Why?

Because - remember Oprah's battle with the meat industry? Just for admitting 
that she'd never consume mammal flesh, they tried to sue her for exercising 
free speech! They lost, of course, but the threat to entertainers by their 
endorsements, the ad companies who put pressure o n their agents, makes too 
many of them afraid to speak their minds.

So we should heartily applaud those with enough courage and character to come 
clean about their wanting to save the environment, wanting to eat healthily, 
and wanting to do all the wonderful things which serve not o nly to make them 
beautiful and keep them young, but to do so for all of us o n the planet !

The Most Important Thing To Green Is You !