Green - Fresh. New.
The color of innocence, of newborn life, of ever-returning 
springtimes, of grass, leaves, of the ocean, of everything in the plant kingdom 
of our planet. Green is also the color of creation, of money, of vivid ideas, of 
apples, of growing fruits, of youth itself. The name, 'green', denotes anything 
new, innocent. The greens fight for innocence, for the innocents, for those who 
cannot save themselves, for those who need protecting, for all that is beautiful 
and glorious in the world. Green is the color of renewal, of leadership, of 
genius. Greenize means to care about the world.

EcoMermaid has its' own awards system, and among them are those granted to 
entirely Green and Compassionate products - those using no animals products, 
never tested o n animals, and which do not harm the environment, and therefore, 
are also safe to use by humans and pets. Those products which will receive our 
GreenMermaid and GreenMerman endorsements will also instantly be eligible to 
contend for our UltimateMermaid annual award for products.

Send your product information to our staff for review, and you might be 
invited to participate in our EcoInterview section too !

Many who are concerned for our planet and involved in her protection are 
found at

And for a fresh point of view, visit NatureMermaid !

All who love our planet and his or her own life, for that matter, let alone the trees, the air, the water, and wildlife and wildplace go to DActivist and save the world with o nly a moment and the press of a finger !

If you do want the planet, our o nly home, to survive, join the Democartic Party - regardless your issues, if we allow the Republican regime currently stealing all power to save our resources and freedoms, then join and vote for any and all Democratic candidates now !

Go to and save our PlanetSea !

Remember, all you fringers, negatives, apathetics and nit-pickers who sullenly either did not vote last time or worse - handed the elections o n a plate to the Repub Menance by voting for Nader or the Greens or some other pathetic little splinter group - ask yourself why? Did you want to vent your anger over things ? Counter-productiveness like this is why the Repubs are thriving. Think about it. Look at the big picture and get active today !

Think of the world as o ne household. The house is small, the income fixed, and they cannot move. The family already has a child, and cannot feed another, and yet they think of having another child. Either the quality of life will suffer and each will have less food, they will put o­ne out to starve, close the windows, and not heed his cries, or they will stop having children.
Stop Human Overpopulation


EcoMermaid is pleased to cite Vanity Fair for it's presentation of Greenize issues.
Cudos to Julia Roberts who looks like a gorgeous personification of a sylphide - a forest spirit - in a leafy green dress and headgear. She is to be honored for her upfront support of Green issues. Using her star power in this manner, as George Clooney is o n the same magazine cover, is commendable.
Buy this issue and read the excellent articles !

Planet Sea



this by a noted scientist, and ponder your daily choices. Each choice affects all of us, adrift o n this tiny, fragile planet, all alone in the universe.

It's Better To Green Your Diet Than Your Car.
Why? Read 

Ecoize Quotes