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New this month - Sensual Mermaid, Spirit Mermaid, and DiseaseFix.

Also - see EcoBro's new column for a man's point of view.

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Also, The Sea Wraithe -the scariest and most eerily romantic novel since Wuthering Heights, is o n the way! We'll be carrying it in our own Book Mermaid section in just weeks!

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And! This month we're debuting, by our own in-Sea Beauty Consultant, 
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, the first in her How to Be Hot series of Ebooks, so swim in next week and download your own copy, and find out the real Hot Tips!

And - by o ne of our own Ecoize EcoCelebrity EcoInterviewees, Ocean, 
How to Save the World, and How to Save the Earth, two of her books o n the thing she likes doing best, along with making beautiful music - will also be available at our 
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