Empathy - Our Highest Sense

Can you see yourself in the lovely face above?
Can you project what his or her life is into yourself, and feel what life is like for the tortoise above?
Do you feel a kinship with him or her? A sympathy for his or her inability to run as fast, to communicate with us verbally, although they always try to let us know their wishes?

Do you have the ability to feel?
To place yourself in "the moccassins" of another?
This is what our higest spiritual sensory ability means.
Empthy is the name for it.
It means "feeling with another", realizing that we are all related.
No matter what we look like, what talents, skills, or abilities we have, we are all alike.
Only those who are mentally ill with the sickness known as sociopathy are unable to feel for others - with others.
The sad numbness that can come about when one's feelings are hurt over and over again, when one learns as a child that the world is uncaring for them mayb not be visited upon the ones who deserve pay-back, but upon smaller, less able victims later in a child's life.
Cruelty to any being is a strong indicator of who will become a killer of humans.
There are many ways to kill, of course, and those who continuously erode someone's soul by repeated attacks, aside from being bullies, are lacking in the highest spirituality, called compassion or empathy.
All the world's religions are aligned in this one common denominator - they were all founded upon Compassion. Although virtually all of them have become polluted with layers of dogma intended to appease the masses they had begun to please in order to grow congregations, catering to their most vile appetites, if you will go back to the founders of these religions, you will uncover their one goal - the one path fo God - Compassion.

How to awaken empathy in someone who has become numb?
There is a pathway, most believe, in each person that will lead to his or her refinding the soulful part that had become hidden due to defensiveness.
Many programs that work with inmates, including those who rescue dogs and train them to assist the less abled people, are causing the opening of long-closed hearts  when perhaps nothing human would.
Since people have caused the pain in damaged souls, many times other beings, who are able to love unconditionally, unlike humans, can find their way into the place of empathy that had been lost.

Everyone needs a boost of empathy now and then, and feel-good films are one way to attain this, attending church another, and for many, merely watching the innocent, beautiful birds singing in trees or a sunset can set alight the spiritual connection with our Creator, whose vast spirit is always beckoning and can always refill ours when necessary.