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Eco Child Free

Save the World, Save Your Youth, Save a Child at the same time-

We've been freed, Sisters, and most of us haven't even stopped long enough to think about it.
For countless millinea, our kind - girls and women - have been o n the biologic treadmill that o nly led down o ne path - all females were breeders, period - because of the period - no way around it - until the twentieth century.
Now, finally, we have the dream of all our feminine ancestors ( and the males, too - who have had to watch as, too often, offspring died in hard times, and have had to break hearts in order to pursue their own aims, and who finally have the very best way to avoid fathering - vasectomies ! See ), and yet, to hear the media, to see ads, to talk to most women, and to view statistics, the majority so far hasn't been bright enough to understand that we can now stay child-free !
And - just in time to save the world, if more of us get and heed the message!
There's a better way to live !

Why do most people just assume that we girls want children or will, someday?
Why haven't most wised up to the fact that being child-free is not o nly a valid choice, but the o nly civilized choice to make today ?

The time when breeding was heroic is long, long since gone by the wayside. 
Today the world needs less, not more, children.

Today, every day, thousands of children starve to death o n our small planet.

Children who’ll never know the feeling of security, of a bull belly, or warmpth or adequate clothing. Will never drink clean water or have their needs tended to.

Stay Child-Free, and you will be doing the very best thing you could do for our planet - and - have you thought about the quality of life the future will bring for the children being born now? They will face the most horrendous times our specie has ever known.
We at EcoMermaid would never want to do that to an innocent child.
And by being EcoChildFree, you are making space for unfortunate children who are already impoverished, malnourished, and would certainly die if even more resources are deprived them.
By choosing not to have a child you are donating  to dying, starving orphans the space and resources they need to survive.

Be EcoChildFree, and if you need to mother or father, then -
Adopt o ne, or several of them, or just support them from afar with the huge amounts of money having your own child would cost.

And then find ways to contribute to our world.

(And for a hot section on sex, see Sensual Mermaid !)

And - if you want to keep your bellies flat and save the world at the same time, stay off the ranks of the selfish o nes who breed while countless orphans are starving - you will not o nly save your looks, you might possibly save your life ! And your marriage or partnership ! Also, if you want to stay a youthful hot chick or dude, with freedom and disposable income, stay child-free.
Those pregnant and mothery celebs in the media, promoting rampant breeding all have maids and trainers, anyway, and they work very,very hard to get back in shape and will have to work that hard their whole lives just to stay in shape. Pregnancy and nursing do things to your body which can never, ever be undone. AND - to your sex life. They don't make a point of informing girls what the vagina and labia will become flacid and have less feeling after childbirth. Let's face it, just from the beauty angle, if you don't have a ton of money and constant life income, your future won't be shaped that way if you choose to have kids.
There are, thankfully, in our time, way better alternatives ! 

And - did you know that pregnancy and child-bearing pose great risks not 

only to your health and beauty and finances and spirit, but it is downright dangerous? Dangerous to your survival, dangerous to your relationship and dangerous for the planet in general ? Thinking of having a baby ? Read ChildFix first and take the questionnaire.


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