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Photo credit: L. Paul Mann

We’re very honored to present this Eco Interview with Peggy Oki , acclaimed artist, athlete, and activist.

Peggy’s artwork is not o nly gorgeous and enigmatic, it also captures the love and caring she extends to all the wild animals and wild places she very actively donates her time and energy and resources to protect.

Peggy, of course, is most famous perhaps for having been the o nly female team member of the most celebrated skateboarders of all -Z-Boys. In the last few years, not o nly has there been a much-awarded documentary of this part of her life,"Dogtown and Z-Boys", but also a feature film was made of those days - "Lords of Dogtown".

Peggy lives o n the California coast and has been instrumental in championing many eco causes, and she’s not o nly an awesome skateboarder - she’s like a real mermaid, surfing gracefully through the waves of the world’s oceans as she travels.

This EcoHeroine has been active in many environmental causes and her participation and energy has affected many victories for the planet.

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 Eco Interview with Peggy Oki .

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EcoMermaid is pleased to present our very first EcoInterview with our very own spokesperson, Ocean, the acclaimed vocalist and songwriter. Ocean is much more than a music talent - she is the closest thing to a real mermaid we know of! A surfer, a vegan, an active environmentalist and animal advocate, she also volunteers for wildlife rescue - and all those attributes make her the perfect EcoMermaid!
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