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EcoEzine for Christmas

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EcoEzine for Tuesday, December 19, 2006 
Issue: 4

Here is your Christmas and Holidays EcoEzine

Welcome to this Special Holiday Issue of Your EcoEzine!
Merry Everything!

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Happy Holidays!
In this month's EcoEzine, we have festive ideas in each of our usual 

For Eco and Green, we have some interesting items o n Eco Holidays, and a great article o n How to be Grateful that will make any day a happier o ne!

Ecoize Philosphy



Wow! Now Singles are the Norm!
Singles have Swung It to the Majority!

Holiday Festive Recipes at Kind Holiday

Precious Pigs

Nuts are familiar o n the Holidays - For some Nutty ideas, go to Aw-Nuts!

Vegan Cosmetics 

Did You Know there was Someone Before Santa ? Read Yule

We all think of Angels o n Christmas ! More o n them here -

There are Pixies in the Sea Too!
Pixie Mermaids

Animals - Including Us Humans, of Course!
Christmas tips for pet- and kid - safety - remember, those tree ornaments are often breakable! Keep them away from pets and kids! And watch out that they don't eat the tree! And make sure the lights are turned off when you leave the room!

Help Someone for the Holidays - Help Chained Dogs


Beautiful Bats

Save Baby Seals


Winter Health 

Breast Health

Less Is MoreTo Keep That Flat Tummy during the Holidays!



Hotlicious And a preview of the Hot New Ebook, How To Be Hot, by our ownBeautyMermaid, debuting this month!

Read This for an interesting slant o n the Season! -
 The Spirit of Winter

"Out of the Mouths of Babes..."

We're all born with a whole handful of lovely cards - read more here, and pay special attention to the face cards -Deck Of Cards 


Who knows more about Enchantation than our Prince or Princess to the left?
Enjoy Your Magical Holiday Season!
And Peace o n Earth and Goodwill to All Beings!
And For All Beings

To Care Is To Act

For Your Spiritual and Cosmic Inspirations Visit

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bearClick o n the Cute Little Teddy Bear and visit Beautiful Bears !Ecoize ArticlesEcoArticles

Ocean, our EcoMermaid Spokesperson !Start with your HeartBegin with Compassion, and o nly Good Will Follow- Ocean Sign This Animals Matter Petition Now!

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