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Eco Ezine For Valentine's Day

Hot Mermen

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Happy Valentine's Month!

In this month�s EcoEzine, we have festive ideas for the Season of Love in each of our usual sections!

Eco and Green

Ecoize Philosphy


Adopt a Horse - Virtually!

Adopt a Manatee for a Valentine's Gift!!

Have A Heart for Pets in Shelters Too!

What is next? Beyond Tribalism

There are currently ten times too many humans o n our fragile planet.
The Elephant in the Room - o n Human Overpopulation

Paris Hilton in our EcoHeroine Section? Find Out Why!

Make Every Day a  Kind Holiday !
And Read 
VeganMermaid's Sexy Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes!!

Yes, It's All Vegan!

Food Of The Angels

Valentine's and Valentines

Sexy Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes!


Mer Sprites

There are Sprites in the Sea Too!

Every Wonder about why Mermaids and Mermen are always colored Passionate?
Why they seem devoted to Lust, Love, Possession, and Sensuality?
Read this article!

Mermaids - Why All The Passion?

For the Hottest of Holidays, passion-wise, at least, even if you're shivering outside - remember, the lushness of Spring is just around the corner now! - we're investigating Beauty as Power

Animals - Including Us Humans, of Course!

Elephants - Huge Hearts

Beautiful Bees 

Lovely, Loving Octopuses!
Perfect for the Love Theme, Find Out How Cool These Intelligent Beauties Really Are! 

Octopi or Octopuses

Help Someone for the Holidays - Help Chained Dogs

And What Would Our Valentine's Month Festivities Mean Without Honoring Our Very Own America's Sweetheart, The Horny Manatee?
Especially Since She Helps All Her Other Manatee Relatives by Referring Us To Their Help Sites and Charities?
Yes, Conan's "Horny Manatee" is Celebrated Here Too!


Go Dairy-Free With Me !

Get Slender Now and How!

Winter Health 

Breast Health

Less Is MoreTo Keep That Flat Tummy during Valentine's!

In this Cozy Season, while we snuggle up to our loved o nes and cuddle up with warm eco covers and good books, make great Vegan Hot Chocolate and generally become grateful, content homebodies, we remember to celebrate 
The Extraordinariness of the Ordinary

And what is celebrate o n Valentine's Day - and Night! - that's right - LOVE!
For that special connection, see


Beauty and Fashion

Enjoy a  preview of the Hot New Ebook, How To Be Hot, by our ownBeautyMermaid, debuting this month!

Youthize for the Love Season!
Swim into
 YouthMermaid's Sea!

After all that Vegan Chocolate, you'll feel awesome, and you will stay slender, of course, if you're Vegan! If you are transitioning to Vegan, Healthy ways to EcoEat, then you may want to CelluliteFix !

Remember to stay flexible, mentally, physically, and spiritually, during the freezing weather, and recall that that's what Compassion and Love are all about ! We can be Like the Willow and can weather every storm!
And conversely, see how to avoid Intransigence

And be kind, be generous, be loving, and, especially in the Month of Love -
Try a little Tenderness



What is Enlightenment?

Read This for an interesting slant o n the Season! -
 The Spirit of Winter

Whether Your're Enjoying the Balminess of Warmer Weather Now or In the Grips of Winter's Cold Embrace, Take Some Time Out for Moon-Gazing

space fix

Under The Moon


Enjoy Your Valentine's Love Season!
And Help Bring Love to All Beings!
Be Compassionate!

Our Better Natures

To Care Is To Act

Also, The Sea Wraithe -the scariest and most eerily romantic novel since Wuthering Heights, is o n the way! We'll be carrying it in our own BookMermaid section in just weeks!

Swim back to get your copy !

And! This month we're debuting, by our own in-Sea Beauty Consultant,
, the first in her How to Be Hot series of Ebooks, so swim in next week and download your own copy, and find out the real Hot Tips!

And - by o ne of our own Ecoize EcoCelebrity EcoInterviewees, Ocean, How to Save the World, and How to Save the Earth, two of her books o n the thing she likes doing best, along with making beautiful music - will also be available at our
BookMermaid  section in January, so swim in often, and help us all Save the World !

For Your Spiritual and Cosmic Inspirations Visit

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Remember to Be A Lover of the World All Year Long!
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