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Eco Ezine For New Year's

Happy Eco New Year!!!

Welcome to Ecoize and Welcome to the Brand New Eco Year!!

How about a promise to do everything Compassionately this year!
Did you know that by eating Vegan meals, you save not o nly the lives of innocent beings, but you also save the starving people too! And the environment! And your own body, health, looks, and happiness!
Yes, Vegan food is a mood elevator and it's energizing! Youthizing too! and will lengthen your life!

So, After you say a fond farewell to all you're saying good-bye to, like Janus, whom we had named the month of January after - the God who waved bye to o ne year and hello to the next - then say "Hello!" to the new year and to your Healthier, Happier Future !
We can all find ways to be more Compassionate, more Eco-Minded, and to
Veganize  this year!
Let�s make this our Get Healthy, Spiritual, and Wealthy Year!

The o nly way to be Healthy is to be Eco Healthy!We�ll show you the exciting routes to being your very best, inside 
and out, in the coming year!

It�s a fun-filled journey toward your personal best, and everything 
on Ecoize is designed to give you the best life possible!

If you want to heal your body , Healthize, and your soul - Spiritfix , you�re in the right place, if you want to Beautifize
Youthize , and to Wealthize, you�re at your best destination!

If your interest is in animals, AnimalFix, ecology, sports, or recreation, or, for inspiration or the soul�s rejuvenation - in finding your heart, which is the best 
part � you�re already here!

So explore all the links and categories, the hundreds of articles, enjoy the photos and illustrations, the stories, the glories, and even the kids sections, and keep swimming back in the whole year long for great ideas for your life, for your home, for your health, beauty, shopping, nutrition, information, and all other needs in life! 

Remember !
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Why the Mermaids?
They all stand for our very own Planet, Sea!

planet sea
Click o n the Ultimate Mermaid Herself, our Sea Planet, for more!

See Our Entrancing Manatees at Manatee.TV
And Conan's "Horny Manatee" is Celebrated Here Too!

The U.N. has proclaimed 2007 as the Year of the Dolphin! Dolphins are Whales, so let's go and celebrate them all at!

And Enjoy These Articles!
How to get it, keep it and use it:


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As most huddle inside for the colder months, appreciate the homely virtues:
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Our lovely sea beings, highly intelligent, agile, graceful, and amazingly clever:
Octopi or Octopuses

Have you heard about "The Secret"? Do you know it? Read about it here, and find out why some secrets must be used very carefully!
Creatizing is Easy

You might find a few sweet little mice in the house this winter, trying, like you, just to get warm. Merely turning off the heat will make them find another place, but realize they'll go back outside when Spring breaks again! So, just let them be in the tiny spaces they inhabit. Why not? They don't harm a thing! They're cute, and they're fellow mammals in need of a home just for a month or two!
If you cannot bring yourself to share, read this:

Compassionate Pest Control