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Eco Ezine Christmas 2009


Let�s all do something Eco for Christmas and the Holidays!

Let's make Vegan, Compassionate food - that helps the environment as well as our own bodies, plus saves the lives of sweet, innocent animals!
Let's also buy living Christmas Trees this year and every year! Then we can plant them after the New Year and help the world! That keeps people from chopping them down, when less people want the dead trees and more want them to stay alive!

And let�s make New Year�s Resolutions to adopt a new Eco measure 
every month in our new year!

We can all change our lightbulbs to make them more cost-effective and more 

By scanning many of the great eco ideas o n the net, we can find out how to 
live better, and to treat our Planet better every day!

Think of our less lucky animal family and include gifts to help them in your gift-giving!