Here is Your Spring EcoEzine!

Glorious, fervent, restless, wild Springtime has arrived!
Delicate as a gentle breeze laden with jasmine or the tender young chartruese leaves o n a great oak, Spring can also bring tumultuous floods and lignting storms that shatter the scene, meanwhile, infant birds and squirrels safe in their nests, the most vibrant colors o n our planet arrive o n the faces of countless flowers, and we all sigh, Spring has arrived!


Spring Break?
Headed For Your Favorite Watering Hole?

Or For A Romantic Getaway With Just the Two of You?

Whatever You Do - Enjoy the Beauteous Springtime!
To Care for All Animals IS to Care for Humans


Get Slender Now and How!

Summer's Closing In Fast! So Make Sure That Rear View is Becoming Tauter!


Get In Shape to Recreate!
Fitness Mermaid and Touch Those - uh - Toes or Fins!

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Really Want to Help? To Save the World?
It's Better To Green Your Food Than To Green Your Car
Save the World and Your Own Health, o ne Meal At A Time

Hey? Since when did judging start to get such a bad rep and a bad rap?
Since the new aginess has turned into monstrosities like the idea that all is goodness and thinking is not cool.
Read these and get your power back! Make sense! Appreciate your ability to discern and to choose right from wrong!
The Ability to Judge is a Good Thing !

Fictions and Factors to Save the World

Brilliant Blueberries! They'll Make You Brilliant Too!
Blueberries and Other Berry Delicious Treats

Just in time for Picnic Season, Find Out How To Kindly Ask Insects to Leave Your Party or Home
Eco Pest Control

Love Insects

The Mother of All Brains

 Compassionate Pest Control

What Better Way to Celebrate Spring Than Growing Flowers Organically and Getting Into Flower Essences!

Go Climb A Tree 
Or Just Relax!

Smell Some Roses
Take A Walk
Have Fun
Spring Into Action!

The Real Secret is to Help Others


Spring is the time we start to see these adorable and not really slow time travelers from the distant past! Don't you just love them?

Turtles and Tortoises

And how about the hopping harbingers of Spring, the 
Frogs and Toads?

Don't we all adore them!

Pet Stories


License to Breed


I Think Therefore I Am A...- You Fill In The Blank

Help All Animals Every Day and We Help Save the Environment Too!

Give Sugar The Sack!

True Treasures

The Real Secret

DO Tell!


Springtime is Smoothie Time!

Have a Tasty, Healthy, Hearty Picnic - Inside or Outside!

Don't Just Survive! Don't just Thrive!


See How Much Better Vegan Pizzas Taste! Anything You're Used to Eating Can Be Made More Delicious and Healthy By Veganizing!


Spellbound by that Romantic Spring Moon? By the Turbulence of the Nighttime Tides?
LunarRealm and Indulge Your Senses.


Ever Wondered About the Mermen?
We Wanted to Know More, So We Consulted Our Resident Expert o n the Mers and Found Out About the 
Hot Mermen

And For Some Current Merman Stories 
StoryMermaid Story 2
And for more Mermaid Tales, visit our own

And Our Own


Day-dreaming - or going a little Lune-y, under the Magical Spring Nighttime Skies, is natural to Springtime, so indulge that Healthy Imagination and Let Your Thoughts Go Wild! - It's theraputic and fun! Not just for little kids! Free For Everyone!
Suspend your practical nature, float off o n a cloud while relaxing o n a broad tree branch, or while lying o n your stomach beside a rushing brook. Spend time outside or inside next to your open window, and Day-Dream...


It’s Butterfly Season ! Print out the Beautiful, Hand-illustrated Butterfly Flier and Take it to your community bulletin boards and Save Some Butterflies ! Fly Here !

Also, The Sea Wraithe -the scariest and most eerily romantic novel since Wuthering Heights, is o n the way! We'll be carrying it in our own BookMermaid section in just weeks!

Swim back to get your copy !

And! This month we're debuting, by our own in-Sea Beauty Consultant, 
Our Beautiful Mermaid authority o n Eco Beauty, the first in her How to Be Hot series of Ebooks, so swim in next week and download your own copy, and find out the real Hot Tips!

And - by o ne of our own Ecoize EcoCelebrity EcoInterviewees, Ocean, 
How to Save the World, and How to Save the Earth, two of her books o n the thing she likes doing best, along with making beautiful music - will also be available at our 
BookMermaid  section in January, so swim in often, and help us all Save the World !

For Your Spiritual and Cosmic Inspirations Visit

Earlier EcoEzines

Love heals, and nothing else will. - Ocean

Remember to Be A Lover of the World All Year Long!
Let Your Heart Lead Your Life, and You Will Prosper!

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Ecoize wants everyone to know about the 
Origami Whales that Peggy Oki, skateboard champ and vegan, spiritual, animal protector, is putting together to present an Origami Whale Curtain made by people all over the world to help protect our whales.

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