What Is Enlightenment ?

What is Enlightenment?

So many wonder at the terms used in the quest of the spirit which is why we are alive - to do our best to attain this state of awareness, of o neness with the All, and the way is completely simple.

The Quest of the Soul is the Meaning of Life

When you peel back the layers - the veils in many historical descriptions of Enlightenment - the authentic self is revealed.
As a small child we all feel that oneness with all of the beings of nature, and with the world.
Then, as dogma and admonitions and instructions are piled onto the soul and the mind, our task is to unburden the selves in one's psyche and to dive into the depths of our own souls and to retrieve, to find, to bring out of hiding, the aspect that is divine.
The route to Enlightenment is Compassion. 
Submission to the All requires letting go of the ego self-fascination - the spell cast by society and our own isntincts to survive - in order to be free enough to open to universal truths - the main o nes being:
What am i actually doing?
Who am i being?
What do my actions cause?
Am i being kind? merciful? decent? Compassionate to all beings?

After noticing the truth and admitting to what you have done, are doing, have caused, and then aligning actions with what your soul truly craves - to be at peace with all beings, to be kind to the helpless, and to be at one with the Divine, then - "Go and sin no more."

This is Enlightenment.
Doing no harm is the true aim of the spirit and the task of each soul to realign itself back to.
Being Compassionate will heal oneself physically and mentally, feed the starving humans, create healing for our planet's environments, and, of course, cause the soul to be honest with itself and to be pure, open, free, and Compassionate and to connect with the All.

Also, doing good - and we all know how good doing good feels - with one's entire life, meaning, being Compassionate with every meal - saving lives instead of taking them - bestows its' own blessings. Being completely Compassionate leads to an effortless Enlightenment if it's done for the kindness to innocent beings.
The body opens, the mind, the entire soul then drops the artifical barriers and one has no longer any need to hold back feelings that before were tied up in guilt, lies told to oneself to cover crimes against the innocent and the helpless, and the discomfort caused by lying to o­neself and the false premises put forth by most religions merely in order to excuse evil practics then fall away, allowing the true self to be innocent, open, happy, and at one with the All.
Imagine how good it feels to be only doing good toward helpless and innocent fellow beings! A clear conscience! A clear body! A clear mind! And mainly - a clear soul!


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