Try A Little Tenderness


I just caught a glimpse of the face of a well-known actress, gazing at her 
also well-known husband o n an ad clip while the television was o n- mainly 
to entertain our dogs.

I was seized with a sudden recognition that she, even with her vast resources, 
arsenals used against time, against wear, was showing signs of the state of 
planned obsolescence which will, at last, eclipse us all.

My sudden reaction was o ne, not of humour, nor of envious triumph, as so many 
current bitchy talk-shows, ads, articles, paparazzi-driven rags, and the entire 
zeitgeist seems to want for us to feel, but o ne of tenderness, of kindness, 
of familiarity..

I know that infantile reactions to the unwanted intrusive trails of reality 
are to be instantly angry, to fight back, to ridicule, but we all, even those 
huge celebrities, have feelings.

I suppose they insulate themselves against cruel publicity, but, really, couldn�t 
we all curtail our primitive and bitchy sides toward everyone? As a society?

More and more, in ads, in so-called entertainment, the barbaric notions which 
would have seemed so alien to our predecessors just o ne hundred years ago, 
or less, the common acceptance of everyday cruelty has become so prevalent 
as to have become almost the norm.

What passes for humour, or indeed, for education these days consists merely 
of cheap shots of venmous cruelty and sadism.

Sarcasm has progressed to absolute sadism in many cases, and i know that, 
on even the national geographic channel, the hideous killings � obviously 
setup by greedy photographers who wish not to actually stand in the mosquitoes� 
lairs for weeks, awaiting a brutal segment which will whet the gladitorially-trained
publics� appetites for violence, wherein , as in o ne which kept me up 
for nights o n end, and also my husband, (an abject he-man in all ways, and 
very compassionate toward all living ), an infant hippo was taken from his 
mother, carried to an enemy camp, and rubbed with the testosterone glandular 
fluids from a rival patriarch, resulting in the horrifying chase and murder, 
complete with horrific screams form this innocent baby, held aloft in the 
enormous jaws while those long teeth severed through his helpless little body, 
- and this has caused post-traumatic shock in many people, including o ne of 
my nieces in a far state, who had happened to watch it there too. This, alas, 
is far too common.

We know, yes, that this happens occasionally- very rarely- almost never- in 
the wilds, but to set up shots of bloody , needless violence in the name of 
entertainment and/or education � which ,these days consists mainly of 
prepping children to become yet another generation of captive consumers, and 
on these tv channels which make no bones about being all-business, and entertainment-centered- 
numbs the audience, eventually, into accepting all forms of violence against 
any innocent victims.

And then we complain as a society that people eventually get o n top of buildings 
and shoot at humans!

They�ve been, are being, trained continuously by television to do just 

I sadden to see the strangely stretched faces of other stars we�ve all 
grown up with, loved and hated, become as familiar, or even more familiar 
with as with members of o nes� own family, like when recently i saw a 
former a-list star in a rare spot o n a hugely successful box-office vehicle 
for yet a current a-lister, and saw that her face had been attended to by 
a plastic surgeon, when most English and European people opt to remain untouched, 
and to continue ,gracefully, to wilt.

This is o ne area in which ,among many others, they, the mother-countries, 
all, excel, so far.

Have they become tainted with our obsession with youth?

I cringed to see that actress who�d fallen in line with so many other 
hollywood icons.

The need to, the wish to, appear younger is not o nly understandable, it�s 
endemic to the human condition, indeed, to the condition of all life, and 
even of the cosmos. Change rules creation.

And i feel o nly sympathy for her, for the way she now appears, which is strange, 
rather than lovely any more, and for the force of an industry which has made 
her comply with their odd ways.

In order to get that part, she must have been coerced into it.

I saw the eyes of that first actress i had been speaking about above, in the 
first paragraph of this article.

She was looking adoringly at her husband, and, in that nano-second, she looked 
unguarded, tender, exposed, and so very beautiful . Her eyes were truly full 
of the look of love, and she, uncut by surgeons so far, looked so much more 
lovely than the o ne who�d had to undergo that treatment to get the big 

No matter what a person chooses, we should all react with compassion, with 
understanding, and should know that, if we all are so lucky, we will, too, 
someday be faced with exactly the same choices in life.

Couldn�t we feel this kinship now? This kindness? And begin to change 
the tide of society back toward something approaching the ethics of civilization, 
rather than falling back into some perceived barbaric past?

In fact, barbarians, so-called- forefathers from more primitive times- far 
from relishing rudeness, cruelty, would instantly kill any bully children 
destined to become bad eggs in their societies.

We, in this day, far from banishing or destroying those with this tendency, 
seem to nurture them, to encourage these traits, and to , in fact, exalt and 
place them in charge of our nations!

Please think about this when you vote this year. Think of what kind of person 
it takes to stalk an innocent animal , a helpless, a n, in the wise words 
of issac bashevis singer, �a completely inoffensive being�, a 
fellow soul, and to take a big gun and to shoot the life out of him, not for 
food- we all have plenty- but for so-called sport, for recreation, for pleasure. 
And then, to place his/her body o n the hood of a car, to shout out in a strangly-perceived triumph- over what? A peaceful deer, harmless to all , quiet, trying o nly to live his life, so that a brutal man/woman can vent some sort of rage, perhaps, or can show off the bloody trophy and somehow feel like a man, (how, though? 
When no combat, no contest has ensued? o nly sneaking around with a thousand times the odds in o ne�s favor against a being whose o nly defense is 
to be quiet and to run). So often ,they�re stalked by lazy people who 
sit in deer blinds, up in trees, above the very watering holes which spell 
out life and death for the deer. Some sport, huh?

And this is the kind of man anyone would want in office?

I don�t� think so.

Anyone who thinks of killing of any being, of any kind, as fun, should be 
recognized as what he is- a killer, a sick mind, a sneak, and sadistic.

So i�m advocating at least beginning to recognize the signs of brutality, 
of coarseness, of cruelty around us.

You can choose which products to endorse, by purchasing power.

You can choose who to place in office over us all.

Learn to recognize good from bad again, as we all understood clearly in childhood.

The powers that be have attempted to obliterate our innate sense of justice, 
of kindness, of compassion.

Reignite it, encourage it in others, pass it o n.

We can change society, o ne thing at a time.

We can, as i so often do, stop for a moment, call a network, and complain 
about abject cruelty and violence against innocent creatures, including people.

Send emails, alert when any commercial or show depicts less than 
respectful treatment against animals, or the aspca, or humane society.

Letting networks know what you will and won�t watch, will and won�t 
buy, if products use cruelty in their commercials, will send out a strong 

Every voice counts.

Get to know the so-called ,�sports�, of the constituents seeking 
to be elected.

Don�t let hunters in office any more.

Remember, bush is an avid hunter.

Vote against him .

Register, and make your voice heard.

Thank you for your time.

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