To Care For All Animals IS To Care For Humans

Beyond Tribalism

What would you think is beyond the stage of Tribalism? 


Actually, nationalism is o nly a more crowded form of tribalism.

To get beyond tribalism � and this is what is required if we are to 
become global, to expand our consciousness and to save our planet � 
is our task.

It�s time to reexamine our thoughts and to adopt a policy of survival.

Since survival for individuals depends upon the survival of the planet, then, 
obviously the o nly thoughts to have are thoughts that contain the entire world.

To open our thoughts and hearts to include not o nly the entire species of 
humans, but to realize that we are all a part of the macrocosm, therefore, 
the health and life of every other specie � even if you had not before 
cared for the rest of us o n the planet � should matter as much to you 
as does your own life.

What happens to them � to all other species � is also happening 
to us.

What happens to the trees also happens to us.

To the air.

The water.

We are all o ne.

Essentially, it�s like we all live together in o ne of those habitats 
under a big jar.

If the entire ecosystem is healthy, then we all are too.

Synthesis IS Survival

To synthesize is to neutralize the time-honored dictum of of nation-states 
and tribalism, whose mantra is to divide and conquer.

Currently, the Bush Administration's policy to stay in power and to keep the 
nation ignorant is to constantly inflate the perceived cultural differences 
between nations, and to bully, insult, and to disrespect all others who do 
not comply with whatever is dictated from Washington.

Diplomacy is a bad word to Bush, and compassion is not in their agenda.

Universalism, that is, synthesizing, is necessary for the planet to survive, 
or rather, for us o n the planet to survive, including all of our fellow animal 

To understand that we are all o ne, and that compassion is the way to survival, 
and that universal diplomacy is the way to peaceful communication with every 
other nation is the start.