Saving The World And Staying Effective

Ocean on Saving the World and Staying Effective

The world overpopulation of humans is telling... The misery, the poverty, the nuclear proliferation - we Americans poking sticks at every fire ant's nest on the planet deliberately, avoiding any semblance of common sense or of diplomacy.. It all adds up, logically to what you've said.
Being confused about which direction to take is one of the tricks of depression.
Frankly, if you don't do something to help, then you're part of the problem anyway.
That's the way it is.
Whether there's a heaven, whether there's a tomorrow, still just doing our individual best to spread compassion might just work.
At least it will be a life well-lived.
To join those who think that if the world's going to hell in a hand-basket as if it would be that painless, and to just jump in with them, can't feel right to anyone.
I suppose you've posted this to elicit responses.
You have one.
No matter what, we must continue to do our best, is what I feel.
The rest is up to fate.

Efforts Required to Save the Planet by Ocean

If we're willing - a big IF - to forego some things in order to save all, it will work, IF we stop having kids and adopt the starving children already numbering in the millions instead, and IF we all become vegan, allowing the arable land that is taken up with grazing now to be used again for growing grain, which would feed every person now living, along with cleaning the water, air, taking all the other eco steps, then...we have a chance.

First, get them out of denial.
Then, organize and agree that it's a life and death emergency to radically change things, just in time.
Then, go vegan, saving health, saving land, saving trees, saving tons of pollution of air and water, (caused by the meat industry).
Start adopting kids, for those who yearn for kids, and adopt a global mentality.

These are radical measures.
Even in my wildest moment, i cannot make myself believe that everyone in the world will go for these, while they're so caught up in their instinctive games of domination, their suicidal rage against nature, and their basic stupidity.

I am utopian in my hopes and prayers, and realistic in my acceptance that i can lead all to water, but i cannot force them to drink, or to be compassionate.

However, miracles do happen, and i'm hoping, dreaming, working for that miracle.
At leat there are lives to be saved, hearts to be opened, and suffering to alleviate along the way.
Let's do the right thing, we who actually care enough to do more than just talk, and become vegan and go eco and stay child-free and help create compassion for all beings on our sad, little, lonesome, and very vulnerable planet.