I Think, Therefore I Am A - You Fill In The Blank

I Think Therefore I Am A...- You Fill In The Blank

Rene Descartes issued this Zen-like and even playfully sticky phrase long ago , "I think, therefore I am." Or was it an indictment against those who mis- or under-use this potentiality we all possess?
Aside from the irresistible urge to write out a list of hilarious responses, like "I drink, therefore I am", "I shop, therefore I am", and so o n, the fact that we do have thinking apperati tacked o­nto our unweildy structures with appendages attached,and o n the top,  in the form of a brain inside a head with looking devices, hearing, eating, breathing gear equipped, and, for the good or arguably for the bad, the eating hole also serves as a talking machine.
Oh, well, to get cosmic now, we used to egocentrically assume since it met with our own desires to dominate the rest of the species and to separate ourselves from the animal family we are actually in, that we were the o nly planetary beings who could think.
We know that is not true, since all animals think.
What they think about, as with members of our own species, varies greatly, but, as with us, really anything we know about, find interesting or entertaining or necessary is what dominates our thoughts.
The anthropologic facts are that o nly when humans are not stuck into the survival mode do we have the luxury, as we online are doing now, to muse about, joust against and wrestle with ideas, beliefs, mores, and religiosity with the ultimate toys - our own minds.
Reality beckons, and so we must all agree that either we are figments of somene's imagination or our own, or we do exist.
Since we feel pain, we know our bodies exist, and since we are self-aware, we know that we as distinctive individuals also exist.
To think is not as grand a tool as the old philosophers used to claim it was, and yet it's still an amazing feat, with certainly a double-edge, like a sword, and it definitely cuts both ways in many senses.
Usually a joyless endeavor, thinking with our clever little primate brains has gotten us into a collossal mess, essentially, where our entire planet is now at the pitiless mercy of our ever-stampeding overpoulation, with no curbing of the deciding factor - that of our instinct to proreate but mindlessly, thoughtlessly, creating billions of excess, usually unwanted and certainly unprovided for, when we can easily use and provide birth control universall, we go o n with the "mindless fecundity", continue to breed - with no end in sight.
To tamper with our bodily freedoms, our individual desires, as any logical mind would wish to do in order to save itself, we have instead continuous protests not just of archaic and hopelessly out-dated religious and societal institutional pleas to "multiply", but we have whole huge populations of helpless, uneducated, starving masses of people who have no choice but to get pregnant every year, despite not being able to feed even themselves.
And now we have fundamentalists attempting to make sure that even in utero, o nly heterosexual, breeding populations will be born, using another o ne of our newly-devised toys, DNA programming.
To satiate the few who are privilaged, we sacrifice the many, who are becoming more and more disenfranchised every moment.
As millions starve, the wealthy go about grabbing ever more territory, resources, and power, and we have speeded into a tribal survival mode yet again, and yet our numbers are so vast that there are currently ten times too many humans o n Earth for the planet to sustain - comfortably? no, not just comfortably - at all!- let alone, room for any other species.
So, the ability to think is not part of survival equipment, speaking of the species as a whole.
As with our closest relative, the chimp, tribalism seems to be imbedded in the seeds of our own self-destruction, and domination of "the other" is the rule, unless we actually start to think, that is, and not just in a tiny, selfish way, but in a global way, toward solutions.
So, I ask this more appropo question - I think, therefore I am a ....
and fill in the blank.
Is it an a**hole? Probably, speaking for the majority of us who really don't care.
But that is the important question to ask.
Do you think?
What do you think about?
Is it what will do you yourself the most good with no thought of the collective? The All?
Then using your brain is worthless, essentially, and if you're not a part of the solution, you're just being a part of the problem.
To think of how to be of service, of how to alleviate suffering, to fix the world, to create more comfort for more beings, of how to find solutions to the world's problems, is a great way to use a mind.
And, if we use our little ape brains for something besides self-indulgences or how to create more for ourselves, and instead use it in the service of the planet, we can turn that cunning cleverness into something miraculous and save our own lives in the process.
Then we can answer, happily, I think, therefore I help.
by Ocean, c2007