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Talk about useless fictions!

Many who follow the quick routes to success, wishing to by-pass the spiritual growth, take as their mantra the fiction that "all is good", and that right and wrong are not - as we all know they are - wired into our DNA, and are universal truths that to harm is wrong and to heal is right - and to affirm that since thoughts are things, everything that needs to be improved in order to alleviate suffering by innocent beings is o nly caused by the thoughts that things are not right.
Absurdity reigns, quite obviously, in this sort of thinking, but the key is to see clearly, to accept things the way they are, and to follow our hearts which will always coax us to want to help.
Yes, our wish fulfillment can lead to healing for all, and it's great to have happy thoughts if o­nly to remain effective as an active individual who seeks to use his or her talents in order to save the world, but I'm not convinced that there isn't a separate and true reality, but by your theory which is very popular now - sort of a contemplating o ne's own navel kind of idea of an egocentric universe - there is o nly I, and you don't exist, in which case, as in a hall of mirrors, yes, I'd o nly see reflections of myself.
I know I'm not a creation of your mind or a fiction.
I assume everyone else believes they exist too, so, unless people believe they are the o nly o nes alive, there is much work to be done to alleviate suffering that truly exists now.
I do see that apathy can thrive in an environment where people choose to believe that thoughts and not actions are responsible for creating reality, and also I see that accepting reality as it is and then wishing to improve it by being compassionate and wanting to heal the whole planet will stimulate people into actions necessary to save it.
To climb to a mountaintop and meditate might create good vibes, but to be a real help, I still maintain that good actions - and in reality, we all know right from wrong, of course - (except in some satanic and a few wiccan beliefs, since the left-hand path affirms that "all is allowed and do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law") - and thankfully, most who truly wish to heal and not harm are willing to roll up their sleeves and do something to help.
Believe me, if I were the first and o nly factor in creation, it would all be an exercise in compassion, kindness, loving all beings, and o neness.
Those are the aims of all my thoughts and prayers. 
And, and this is pivotal - of my own actions in life.
I hope more and more people join the actions of caring people who are determined to save the world every day!

The allness, the o neness, is a stance we take in order to embrace the entire planet and its' lifeforms as part of ourselves, as in "love thy neighbor as thyself", in order that we will extend our concern and take action to protect everyone, including our other fellow animal species.
To take the spiritual and the actively caring aspect out of the secret will work, yes, but not to anyone's ultimate betterment, let alone to the betterment of the world.

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