Compassion - The One Word That Will Save The World

Compassion � The O ne Word that will Save the World

The one and the o nly idea, taken to heart by all, that will save the world, is

Compassion leads to actual caring.

Actual caring leads to understanding that we are all o ne, leads to our boundaries 

Opening to include every living being.

Actual caring and open hearts and souls lead to wholeness and healing and 
alignment of the spirit with God.

Wholeness then leads to thought and dedication.

Thought and dedication lead to action.

Action leads to adopting rather than having chiildren, to save the starving 
millions already born.

Veganism is the most natural move in compassion.

All animals suffer in the evil system of flesh-eating, including the humans who ingest dead bodies and become unhealthy. Eating corpses is horrible for your body.

Compassion for animals leading to veganism leads also to soul and body healing for humans, leads to using the lands now usurped by cattle-raising for grain-growing.

Using those lands for grain-growing will provide plenty of food for all, as 
it used to do.