A Compassionate Future


A Compassionate Future - Win -Win Situation for All the World

by Ocean

We are complex beings, consisting of logic, spirit, and soul.
To combine all three, which is the object of all enlightment, will also save the world.
Creating spiritual and soulful solutions is how leading with compassion will be the solution to all challenges.
Combining our minds is admirable, but combining our souls will actually create solutions to everything for everyone.
When we reach solutions that only answer logical and practical solutions, without first consulting the soul, anything can happen.
However, by making sure that all of the concerns of the soul are met, then only good can occur.

I know practicalities force many issues, and immediacy prevails in desperate situations, but I, too, hope that we can combine in worldwide efforts to save the entire planet and every being on it, while practicing compassion for all beings while there might still be some time left.
This is the answer to how to heal our planet, all the people, and all our fellow beings, and how to approach a viable future as well.
Things must happen now to forestall more abuses of other people and other countries by the corporate industries.
Now is when we must communicate as a global community.

I appreciate the difference and i care about all beings, including all humans. It all goes together - the abuses of the meat industries are killing humans, starving them to death in lands where their grain is being sold for cattle food, their arable land stolen to graze. The meat industry causes the worst pollution of air and water worldwide.

Personal health issues are usually traceable to meat, dairy and egg consumption. It is unnatural to consume animal "products", animal bodies in other words or the by-products of their bodies, milk or eggs. And the fact that those who consume especially pigs have so many more health problems is part of my concern as you know from my many articles online.

Also, the fact that grazing of cattle and other grazing animals causes trees to be felled, forests to be destroyed, and for massive pollution caused by meat industries is part of this. And tree-felling causes weather patterns to shift, causes drought and flooding.

I long to get everyone to understand that if we devote the grazing land instead to growing grains, we can right now and in the future feed every human on the planet, if we devote their fields to feeding humans again and not cattle.

We must prepare for the future now, and I want for everyone will understand this truth and also be prepared for the sales jobs of the meat industry wanting to expand their profit-mongering to every country, their grazing, their forest-felling, their bad human health, then treated by their industries, their air and water pollution.
They couch this profit motive and their self-interests and tax write-offs in the idea of having people keep live animals like the little pigs and chickens mentioned in one of the Vision Force's missives.

The Africans have traditionally been far more healthy than the inhabitants of the Western Nations.
Many of their countries have had staples like yams and millet and other farming products.
The teeth of Africans were traitionally - until Western products started showing up - perfect, naturally.
Emulating the West in the destructive patterns like animal raising, (other than the small, family herding like the Masai do), which will only cause forest-devastation, create more desert areas, and create more famine as more land would become devoted to raising animals and not enough devoted to growing grains and vegetables, will cause untold disasters and create even more pollution and human misery. 

Of course, now, certain interests have gained control of all the African territories and have deprived Africans of the grain they need to live in order to reap profits from the international meat cartels.

We must find a viable way to create harmonious solutions for all. 
We must create viable solutions that involve all o
f the world's people and that sustain forests, protect the air and the water, and that also feed the humans and protect wildlife and involve compassion on every level.

Please read Eco Eat and find out how veganizing saves lives and protects our environment.
Follow their links to other articles and find out how this win-win solution will feed our souls, our spirits, our hearts, and our bodies.
Also, please read Eco Child Free, and learn how liberating ourselves from child-bearing and adopting the needy children instead will save our planet and enrich all of our lives.

We must find soltuions to hunger, to unnurtured children, to the environmental issues, and to world peace.

All are addressed and healed by these world-healing solutions.

The solution is contained in this one word - Compassion.
Compassion is generated by this one word - Clarity.
Clarity is generated by this one word - Truth.

Tell the truth to yourself and see clearly.
It is the only way to lead with your soul.
Do the right thing - be kind, be peaceful, create harmony, and practice compassion to all beings.

Thank You,