"Out Of The Mouths Of Babes"

"Out of the Mouths of Babes"..

Becoming as a child means remembering how you were when you were pure and 
open, when everything seemed possible, when you believed in goodness and kindness.

When you knew that we - all us animals - are related, and the love was bursting 
in your heart, freely, spreading out to everyone no matter what specie!

To reclaim that power, the energy of compassion, again, is the way to enlightenment!

To know that we all can combine, remember our first love -that of everything 
and everyone, including all other animal species - and to spread joy!

Giving, loving, and helping are the means to the Truth inside us that longs 
to express itself!Before others convinced us to put borders, to contain our 
love for all, there was Joy, which is Compassion.

Reclaim it, open your heart and remember your natural kindship with all beings!

Then, miracles will spring out of your soul's reconnection with Love!