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Ocean Ideas - 
Here are some free-form tips and ideas of Ocean's we'd like to share with you -

Ocean's Vegan Tips

i'm glad so many of you are going vegan !

there are so many rad recipes available and here are some links to sites i 
like -

i love raw fruits, veggies and nuts and seeds best for many meals.( i always 
have nuts soaked overnight first and usually ,then roasted). this is all you 
really need for all nutrition.

in cooked foods -

i love steamed veggies, with bragg's apple cider vinegar, olive oil, udo's oil, bragg's liquid aminos and a little celtic sea salt o n them, all over pre-soaked and cooked short-grain brown rice. rad!

for heartier foodsi like soaked rice and soaked beans cooked with seaweed 
- soaking turns both into sprouted form = digestability = healthiness.

for more of a usual diet 

rice noddles, all sorts of other whole grain pastas are available

ezekiel bread and other sprouted grain breads are best 

vegan mayo and other condiments 

soy yogurt - with either chocolate i make -see below - or with organic fruit jam.

rice dream instead of ice cream

silk brand rice milk creamer instead of coffee cream,etc.

also, it's easy to switch from dairy or eggs to vegan cuz of so many products 
available at health food stores like

rice butter (there are many others but i like this best)

soy and rice milk blend ( i like it better)

tofu and products like tempe or deli-like slices if you like sandwiches

crumbled veggie 'ground' in freezer section instead of meat, and they have 
sausage and bacom substitutes 

for treats i like to use real baker's chocolate and ahve it cooked with a 
little water into like a frosting consistency and then add stevia or lohan 
for sweetener. i like it over rice dream vanilla!

any cakes,pies,cookies,etc. can be made without eggs and with soy and/or rice 
milk instead and sweetened with maple syrup, rice syrup, or stevia or lohan.

stevia in water or perrier with ginger and/or cinnamon is great as a drink.

traveling sometimes makes it a challenge to find good food, but it's usually 
easy - just bring your own celtic sea salt and stevia and wash fruits and 
veggies well with grapefruit seed extract in water soak and in some places 
even fruit needs to be cooked first, but world travelers usually do well even 
with questionable water if they use grapefruit seed extract.

also, herbs and spices help with food safety too and they add zest to meals 

in restaurants wherever in the world i ask for simple dishes to be prepared 
for me like rice or pasta with veggies or steamed or grilled veggies and potatoes 
or fruit,etc. any good restaurant is used to this kind of meal being made 
for clients. i always ask them to make sure to use a clean grill and not to 
add any animal juices or whatever.

oh, the vegan cheeses are excellent now and there are many varieties and most 
taste like real cheese- it helps with Mexican or Italian or Spanish dishes 
or Indian and Indonesian o nes - some are easy to cook with too.

using lots of styles of beans and peas makes variety in dishes.

please let me know if there are any kind of dishes you're really into and 
i'll ask my fave vegan chef for info for you! you can email info@ecoize.com and they'll forward it to me.

wishing you all the best!

i asked my nutritionist buddy to send me these answers - 

the nuts are soaked just like veggies and fruits are washed - to make sure 
they're clean. i like to have a small pinch of powdered vitamin c put into 
the nut soaking water. then refrigerate overnight. then roast if you want 
or put some in the blender with distilled water to make almond milk or another 
kind of nut milk . 

the soy thing- i o nly recommend organically produced soy products or any products, 
for that matter.

that means non-GMO'd and pesticide-free.

overdoing soy would be pretty difficult and the beauty and healthiness of 
the traditional Asian women is test enough for its' safety and effectiveness.

they started to get unhealthy conditions like Western women when they began 
to adopt some of the bad food patterns of the West.

of course, their main diet was always rice and veggies. they rarely ate any 
flesh , had fresh oils and fruits and nuts and garlic, o nions, etc. and active 
lifestyles too.

and ate less. smaller meals is a factor. of course o nly Americans would think 
of eating tons of soy, like tons of tofu dogs or whatever and being healthy 
- it won't happen.

moderation is the key. yes, soy in huge amoutns could affect thyroid,etc. 
hormones , o n and o n, but so can garlic or other fruits, veggies interfere 
with important processes. too mch or not enough are always factors but this 
is true even of oxygen.

the meat industries have slammed whatever they could to maintain ignorance, 
so take all with grains of salt - celitc sea salt, preferably.

now it's me, Ocean, again- i ask the nutritionist for info sometimes but for 
recipes and links there are -goveg.com and 

i go to peta.org to check out products i endorse and get vegan shopping info 

let me know if this works for you!

wishing you all the best,

for supplementize

it's so easy to supplement with a sub-lingual dot, like the o ne made by twinlabs!

everyone, not just vegans, needs more b12.

the body doesn't absorb it very well and all the b's need to be replaced daily, 
as does c, due to the fact that they're water-based, wash away daily, and 
are drawn from by everyday stress.

also, as people age, their needs for the b's increase due to decreased absorption.

visit http://www.Veganize.com for more 
info and 
for more o n that too.

it's easy to veganize! ask me for more info if you'd like!

For choices

i'ts so nice for you to remind  people to be mindful and compassioante 
about their product choices.

spirituality impresses this upon us all who want life o n our planet to improve. 
even by making simple choices like what kind of coffee to buy - will it be 
from growers using pesticides who've cut the trees down? or will it be from 
those who shade-grow their coffee (the way it grows naturally), and grow it 
organically, transport it kindly and pay free workers fairly? see Choices.

i love the list here of products and i make sure o nly to buy from compassionate 
products lists - also, buying from health food stores is useful.


for The Ocean

Ocean o n the ocean

I really have almost constant inspiration from the world all around me- and 
especially from the ocean itself- I live surrounded by the rhythm of the waves, 
and sometimes I'm lullabied by its slow rocking, sometimes, storm-tossed, 
at other times, serenaded by the cross-waves and swirling motions, then hypnotized 
by the slow crawls of waves across the small pebbles in low tide. There is 
always a beat, and melodies and words just coalesce in my subconscious until 
they erupt into my mind fully-formed as songs, and then I o nly have to write 
them down or play them.

For thankfulness

no matter what someone is doing, or how much or little someone has in his 
or her life, there are always many, many things to thank God for.

even prisoners in horrible conditions have found thigns to praise God and 
to thank Him for.

conversely, those who have plenty, like the tragic Christina o nassis - o nly 
could focus o n whatever little piece of her puzzle was missing, and meanwhile, 
she missed all of the enormous wealth of life she had had offered her, it 

sort of hte same thing as the old song, 'love the o ne you're with', is what 
i'm advocating - o nly like this - this is your o ne and o nly life so you might 
as well love it!

this is your o ne and o nly day of this month of this year, so you might as 
well love it!

what do you have to lose?

nothing. but much to gain.

another idea - this o ne quote i'm paraphrasing - in the end we realize we 
should just recognize your own and embrace it.

it's almost like for those who have kids - they arrived like pot luck - a 
surprise visitor - and good parents automatically accept him or her, but less 
than good parents o nly notice the perceived flaws..

this might seem obvious to many, but not to most of the people of the Western 
world, anyway.

so be thankful for everything.

On animals and compassion

there is never any excuse for cruelty to any living being. as you well know, 
computer models have replaced the old methods in every enlightened institution 
in the world by now.

follow the prescription of all world religions, please, and feel compassion 
for all of God's creatures, particularly the innocent and helpless o nes in 
our care.

look in your own soul.



For Compassion and Veganism

passion? it has to be plural, but they all relate to expressing my passion 
for saving the planet, which began with my inborn intense love for animals.

it all flows together - compassion leads to awareness that we are all o ne 
with all other species and beings, and compassion leads to veganism and being 
child-free(and adopting all the starving masses of children), fair, making 
rapport with all other nations, and ecoizing. these measures will save the 

compassion is just part of me, like drinking water. it is my passion.

what is yours?



for Huna

Ocean o n Huna

"Humans have broken every law of nature and o nly we can repair them. 
We need to stand up and hold ourselves accountable before we are brought in 
front of the court of Mother Earth and are all found guilty. For we are, and 
we deserve what ever punishment she sees fit to give.

I am asking all of you, please, don't let punishment fall to all of animalkind 
rather than just mankind )because of an ignorant few. Take each others hands, 
walk tall and with confidence. Speak of healing, love, and unity. Help cast 
away the shadows of fear and bring in the light of hope and purity. "

quoting what Kahu said, and adding Animalkind instead of mankind. Mankind 
is but a part - the bad seed, alas - of the animal family, and the o nly member 
capable of saving all the rest, which is clearly our reason for living.

it's clearly our test, our quest.

i'd love to see everyone's heart, soul, mind open and embrace the fact that 
we are all o ne, and that o nly compassion will heal our planet.

please listen!

Huna knows best.