How To Save The World by Ocean

How To Save Our Planet

At first, a seemingly redundant concept, and a trivial phrase to most, and even viewed as an insurmountable task to others, saving our planet is in our collective hands at this moment in time.
Do we actually understand the factors that actually can save our world?
It can actually be done, if some factors are grasped by most of us right now.
On this, the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemispheres, and the first of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it is appropriate that we share our resources, our ideas, and our faith to succeed and to first change our mental concepts that have traditionally kept us driving ever in the wrong direction.
Some of these ideas have long histories and must be first rooted out of the popular mind.
They include, first, the name of our planet.
Naturally, since we have long since discovered that our planet is over seventy-percent water, the name should be changed to Sea.
The egocentrism and traditions of the past require updating in this way to accommodate modern thought and scientific findings.
The very concept of "Mother Nature", has invited rebellion against wild areas and wildlife, as a part of human nature wishing to wrest free of parental control, and needs to be updated to the personification instead of a more realistic understanding of our planet - that she is a fragile, young mermaid in need of our protection.
Our planet is actually a young o ne, and so exquisitely beautiful, as when seen from afar, and so unique in all of the universe that if we will really grasp the logics of the situation in which we now find ourselves, get the reality that we are all o ne, and embrace our combined strengths and talents in order to save our future along with that of every other being who depends upon us, we will thrive and save everything beautiful in the world.
Next, the acceptance of the truths that environmentalists have been telling us for awhile now, that greening o ne's diet is far more important than greening o ne's car, recycling, or any of the other menial efforts that most lull themselves into thinking that a difference might be made in the coming doom if they are instigated and used.
The truth is that the major pollutants o n our planet, Sea, are crimes perpetuated by the meat industries.
Yes, the grazing of the vast lands usurped by cattle has caused not o nly the felling of innumerable trees and the advancement of the deserts, the ruination of otherwise arable land, and air and water pollution o n an unimaginable scale, but is the direct causation of the starvation of most of the world's humans who are literally hanging o nto life by the next meal which is not forthcoming.
The global warming is something that arresting the automotive emissions, the industrial fumes, and the other factors contributing to our demise, but the sheer numbers of humans is the factor behind everything that is not being addressed anywhere yet.
Antiquated cultural mores, religiosity, and the media's constant directives to breed, breed, breed, are causing our planet to topple under the weight of too many billions of people.
Most of the misery of the world is directly due to human overpopulation, and naturally - to the usage of ever more and more of our world's vital resources.
The growth of grains that used to be o n lands now devoted to cattle-raising is a thing of the past.
Vegetables and fruits are now, unbelievably, more costly and scarce than is meat.
The ensuing decline of public health is understandable.
The fact that we are pushing our planet to the brink in order to ingest unhealthy foods like meat and dairy is difficult for many to grasp. o nly those directly earning money  from this poisonous and cruel industry profit while the rest of humanity suffers.
We can easily begin to insist o n more plant foods, and we can most easily distribute birth control and education to the people all over the world who need it.
We can choose to buy o nly eco products, green products, and compassionate goods - meaning, goods and products and services that have been obtained or grown in environmentally sound ways, using no animal products and not tested o n animals, produced and manufactured by willing, adult, duly-compensated workers, shipped humanely and in eco ways, and traded fairly.
We can all prefer products and industries endorsed by Caring Consumer, a wonderful consumer advocate who lists the best products for ourselves and for the world in general.
We can actually save the world, including all our fellow people, other animals, and our beautiful places.
let's act together to save our planet, Sea!

Compassion is seen as the Holy Spirit in many cultures, and did you know that the very title,Dalai Lama, means Ocean of Compassion?
The Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin, is the Sea Goddess, who'd filled the oceans with her tears of mercy.

The Dalai Lama has urged us all to be completely Compassionate to All Beings, as do all true religions, and when we all adopt this most important attribute of life, our souls will all be healed, along with our Planet,.

A most wonderfully holy Tibetan monk, Geshe Thupten Phelgye, has founded the Universal Compassion Movement, and please read his Appeal for Universal Compassion.