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Ocean Incentives for Nations to Become Green

I've recently been thinking about how to offer people the right incentives 
to become more eco and more compassionate about their choices in order to 
save our planet, and I also have been applying that to thinking about entire 

The opportunities for a country that would like to be in the forefront of 
this wonderful and exciting era, when, as we all know, eco and green businesses are beginning to really take off, and the growth of these industries is projected 
to be huge, why not approach the more developing nations with these progressive ideas?

Some of the more developed nations might even fund these industries in the 
other nations, in order to not o nly assist, but to make profits and to encourage 
all nations of the world to compete to find the best green solutions.

I'd like to challenge the eco geniuses out there to come up with whole designs 
for nations wishing to update their economies and to find out how to survive 
in the coming world and to compete in today's economies,and mostly, to become eco-minded and compassionate in their choices for the entire world.

Some very bright entrepreneurs could, for instance, find out how to apply 
Sweden's fuel-making from garbage that now powers its' governmental vehicles, and take and teach these ideas abroad.

Solar power could be made more possible for many nations, and water power 

Compassionate models for vegan and organic growing and for introducing computer models for testing instead of animal experiments, and vegan counseling for health improvement of all people plus child-free counseling would be amazingly helpful in the world.

Post your ideas!

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Sweden plans to be world's first oil-free economy,,1704954,00.html

i'd seen shows o n China and their ground-breaking serious searches for alternate 
energy sources. their huge industrialization and the world pollution are taken 
seriously there and they're throwing their resources into finding solutions.

also, some are harnessing the wind in Europe and elsewhere

some, the waves of the sea

i'll find some links but here are some for now-


Hebei province now has 64 industrial enterprises using solar energy, and over 
2.7 million hectares of greenhouses. And it is capable of making solar-powered 
batteries of 8,000 kilowatt-hours. Moreover, in coastal areas like the port 
city of Qinhuangdao, small wind-driven generators ...from


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