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Alicia Silverstone, Compassionate Celebrity Spokesperson for Peta

Our Current Honoree for Compassion is Tiffani Thiessen, whose lovely and loving ad for the great W.S.P.A., at, is allowing us all to think about how choosing certain brands will be compassionate to the billions of helpless fellow beings who need our help, and by helping them, of course, we're helping humans to become healthy. Choose the brands of animal products that are certified humane here

EcoMermaid is glad to honor those celebrities who, by their compassion, deserve 
to be cited for their contributions in helping to save the world.
EcoCelebrities are not always VeganCelebrities, but here at Ecoize, we like to honor those that are the truly compassionate - who go all the way in protecting innocent life!

Woody Harrelson, Compassionate Spokesman for Ethical Veganism and World Peace
See More on 

Peggy Oki, Compassionate Celebrity Spokesperson for the Whales

We're very proud to announce that our Second EcoCelebrity EcoInterview is Peggy Oki, the California artist, athlete, and activist - the triple A header we love ! A real mermaid if there ever was o ne - beautiful, gracile, accomplished, Peggy is a surfer, a vegan, and an animal activist - the essence of Mermaidism ! Also, Peggy is not o nly a celebrated skateboard champion, but a real-live champion of environmental causes and she passionately devotes her time and energy to saving our planet. Beautiful, talented, celebrated, and accomplished, read the EcoInterviews EcoInterview with Peggy Oki .Swim o n and read all about this wonderful EcoHeroine, then swim o nto some whale sites and sign some petitions ! Peggy's EcoHeroineism will inspire you !

And we applaud Hip Hop Artist, Russell Simmons, Vegan, EcoHero!
From his interview on Mother Jones," I don't eat anything that runs away from me," says Russell Simmons, on his vegan diet.
Read more about him 

Ocean, Compassionate Celebrity Spokesperson for Eco Magazine!
For our first EcoCelebrity EcoInterview, we presented Ocean, 
the acclaimed vocalist and songwriter as our EcoCeleb of the month. Ocean, of course, has also accepted our invitation to act as our EcoMermaid Spokesperson.
Click here to read our EcoInterview with Ocean

Eco Interviews

For more VeganCeleb Lists, visit this site and this site!(notice that our EcoCeleb EcoInterview, Ocean is listed on all of them! And there's a great interview with Ocean on

Pamela Anderson, Compassionate Perrenial Celebrity Spokesperson for Peta

Natalie Portman, Compassionate Vegan Celebrity Movie Star

And Check Out Her Vegan Hot Shoe Line!

Read our Celebrity Lists and See if Your Favorite Celebrity is also Compassionate!

(Eco Magazine also has its' own hall of shame. These are celebs who, 
by their cruel and selfish actions, have earned their right to be condemned for wearing the dead bodies of innocent, murdered fellow animal beings.

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