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Rushing To Ragnarok

Rushing to Ragnarok

The current Bush administration is far too peopled with not o nly fundamentalists, 
but with corporate men, something we all know, but few have noticed that it 
also contains many whose cultural heritage and the zeal they display for annihilation, 
for Armageddon, includes the idea of a natural flow toward Ragarok, the ancient 
Nordic end of the world.

The war tribes of Scandinavia had imparted their culture to the incoming 
invading herds from the East, the Germanics,whose warlike culture was already 
usually mixed with the Hunnic cultures as their bloodlines are.

Does this give them not o nly a cultural heritage of compulsive behavior and 
blood-lust? Why else would their descendants be so anxious to kill off the 
entire population of the humans of the planet, along with all the other animal 
species, the trees, the water, and even the mountaintops.

Is this some sort of maniacal Berserker charge, a rampage of lust to kill 
gone crazy?

Is it the final revenge, fear-fed from long ages past, against nature? Against 
other tribes? Against everything, seen in their paranoid delusions that stands 
in their way?

Admittedly, the stalwart troops, as ever, go obediently ahead, and it is 
they who die for the older statesmen, whose buried resentments explode into 
frenzies that feed their decisions to offer their own sons in sacrifice, but 
only figuratively, as in the elder Bush�s sending of his son, the current 
Bush, W., o nly to the complete safety of the National Guard, well within our 
own borders, to which he found a way not to attend consistently if at all.

These well-paid, opportunity-offered troops, raised o n the rhetoric of flag 
and apple-pieism, engorged with racism and religiosity-inflated nationalistic 
fire, the Old Testament passages guaranteed to G.I. Joe anyone who was not 
blessed with even an ounce of common sense, let alone with any kind of world 
view, as our educational system teaches them absolutely no geography, no history, 
and nothing about the rest of the world, save the xenophobic propaganda we 
once accused other nations of teaching their young.

These are just cold, hard facts.

But why? Other that the nerd�s revenge? These Sunday-school boys all 
grown up never got to be cool.

Never got to lay chicks or hang out, to drink or to be naughty.

They had to ever be the goody-goodies, doing exactly what was expected and 
demanded of them by their families, their churches, their communities, and 
their adopted morality.

Scared to death by the flames of hellish damnation, some of them, the idea 
of sin and avenging the wicked has eclipsed the meeker voice of Jesus, in 
whose name all these atrocities are joyously visited upon our chosen enemies.

Despite any reason, despite any logic, this insane o nslaught o n the world 
has caused us to become not o nly the major target of other extremists, but 
it has turned us into the bad guys of the universe.

Not o nly do we make war o n everyone else, and eschew any diplomatic solutions, 
but we lead the world in destroying the environment, essentially pulling the 
only rug we have out from under ourselves.

The joke is o n us all if we allow these fanatics to continue in their rush 
to Ragarok, the Gotterdamerung, the final solution to what ails the conservative 
Right � wickedness, as they see it.

They long to see the cleansing of the world, and the parceling out of favors 
from the Divine toward themselves, while the bad siblings, the offspring of 
Set, the children of sin, the disinherited, the unbaptized, the others, are 
sent into damnation.

In short, they live for revenge, hoping, running toward this final encounter 
when the Big Daddy in the Sky will come down in clouds of majesty and punish 
the wrong-doers and reward the flock.

Not seeing themselves for what they are, they�re obsessed with seeing 
what they want- to own every resource, and to squeeze the life out of everyone 

Psychiatrists have a field day with these specimens, divorced from their 
actual souls, their hearts filled with violence rather than with the compassion 
they preach.

Even within the Evangelical community, some have finally, finally begun to 
wake up to the fact that those in power are cutting their own throats and 
those of their own children in their race with the devil.

They believe they�ll be instantly transported, some, raptured, into 
paradise, while others believe they�ll inherit the earth.

Regardless the details, they, like those wild-eyed prophets of old, are heady 
with the fumes of the funeral pyres of the damned, and salivating at the idea 
of their own pats o n the head from the Almighty.

Rushing to the end times, as they are called, a fascination with the signs, 
and reading every line of the extremely odd Book of Revelations, having as 
many interpretations as any ambiguous ancient text, has been dissected with 
glee by the believers, and those who�ve sold umpteen books o n their 
own interpretations have led this wave of revenge o n, seeding it o nto the 
Christian countryside, causing far more interest than the love your neighborism 
that Jesus Himself told us to do.

What is Ragnarok?

In Norse mythology, it is the final end, the last war, waged even by the gods.

Norse mythology stands apart from others in that the concept of the final 
battle, that of Ragnarok, leads to the final destruction of all creation, 
including even the deaths of the gods.

It is further distinct in that the gods know of the coming of the end, and 
its� portents, all along, as do we as we watch the planet in its� 
death throes.

As the Republicans again and again make excuses for what the rest of us see 
clearly, and put off the reparations, the logical stopping of abuses, the 
slowing down of pollutions, the improvements to our relations with other nations,
we are watching the ship go down, with us all helplessly aboard.

The question is, are we all going to stand o n deck and salute our different 
flags, like a good Nordic warrior? Like the ancient stupidity has all the 
old heroes doing?

Or are we going to align, share ideas, and work toward actual solutions, wresting 
control out of the insane hands of the mis-guided and deluded leaders that 
currently are killing all life o n the planet and playing death games with 
enemy nations?

LikeRagnarok and Armageddon and other final destruction myths, sadly, just 
knowing the nature of the unenlightened human had always given us a pattern 
of the worst ways we could go, if not arrested in time.

This is why those myths exist in every culture.

This is why the path of spirituality must lead to the raising of o ne�s 
soul out of the pull of base instincts, like war lust, like fear-based loves 
of carnage and like testosterone-soaked sexual mating urges of domination, 
like tribalism, like nationalism.

Fundamental Christianity with its� zeal for war and punishment, its� 
obsession with transforming the Prince of Peace into an avenging angel, a 
la old Testament excitement, (pre-cinema entertainment at its� very 
best, with sex, murder, mayhem, and angry God wielding thunderbolts to top 
it off, like icing o n a bloody cake), with the warmongering, with the egocentric, 
hateful, fire-eyed Bible-thumpers in the lead, has been led astray by it�s 
own fascination with violence.

The tribalism, the concept of boys with weaponry, the voting in of right-wingers 
who believe the end is near, and who happily embrace it, whose last resort 
in its� will to conquer vice is just killing the whole of creation, 
must be transmuted into something akin to reality-based logic in order to 
allow us to survive.

This suicidal charge into destruction is very romantic, very warrior-cult, 
but do we all want to trust that Valhalla will open its� pearly gates 
and that we�ll all be picked up by armored-angelic forces and live forever?

Where is Jesus in all this? How did Christians, named for Christ, become so 

He, who said He was the alpha and the omega, that He was the entire message, 
has been weeded-out of the equation � not exciting enough, I suspect. 
It�s too hard to harness their appetites, their lusts for blood, their 
love for war and for vanquishing enemies they�ve created.

And they don�t care about their own kids. Like that man who, out of 
religious fervor, killed his entire family, Mr. List, in order to save them 
from the evils of the world. A final cleansing by fire, traceable to the most 
ancient times when the origins of these Germanic and Scandinavian tribes still 
lived in the Caucasus.

The Republican leadership, of course, is inspired merely by greed.

As the rest of America struggles to make a living, as they give away jobs, 
land, resources, and destroy our lands, our forests, and our mountains, our 
rivers, our seas, the o nes in power live o n what Jesus called usury � 
on the pyramid sceme-based system of corporate stocks, not o n their own labor, 
but o n that of others.

They despise the workers and the poor and feel that the old dictum that told 
the rulers and the wealthy of the old world that God had mandated their rule 
applies to everything, that the disenfranchised are merely lazy, or no good, 
that the sick deserve their plights, and more, that even the redeeming idea 
of noblesse oblige does not apply to them.

Their arrogance is complete.

They are merciless.

We know greed for what it is, but the followers, many of them, are truly enchanted
by these religious ideas. 

They are steeped in violence, the spells of myths, and the magical idea of 
being �translated� instantly into the presence of God.

In their zeal to make sure the world does not outlast them, and that their 
own children will not survive, they resemble the seventh-century Islamic warriors 
who, assured in the passion of their first conversions of life everlasting 
in Paradise, they happily went to the sword.

These armchair Christian soldiers, heated up by the blood-lust of Americanism, 
teaming up with the weaponry corporate influence, the Republican government, 
and the fatalistic strains of Nordic leftover legends, get so hot about war, 
about violence, and about killing their enemies, that they see God as more 
of a whipping-boy for them, totally disregard the New Testament that actually 
defines Christianity and roll back into the cinematic Old Testament, with 
it�s passions, its� vengeances, its� punishments, its� 
upheavals, wicked women, and all the other colorful stories, much more sensual 
than the ascetic teachings of Jesus, and give all their instincts free reign.

They�re enjoying the safety of their living rooms while their blood 
sports kill young men far away, sporting flags and wearing crosses while they 
kill and be killed for older men who lack the courage to fight themselves.

Cheer-leading behind the lines, these Christians are really some sort of Old 
Testament groupies, not Jews, not in any way following Jesus� teachings, 
and their taste for the seven deadly sins has taken them hostage to the greatest 
of all sins � envy.

They envy the younger generations, apparently, who o ne day will be burying 

They envy whomever will take over their wealth, perhaps, or their jobs, or 
their virility, like their own children.

Or perhaps they think that without them their offspring will o ne day do some 
sinning they might not approve of.

Whatever the reasoning, they do take their dictates � twisted from the 
already mis-translated words of Genesis,(that o ne word that has caused all 
the trouble �domination�, was originally �responsibility�. 
We were given charge to protect and care for the world, rather than domination 
over it) �they take that o ne vile word and run it into extremes, into 
compulsions that make saner minds and hearts tremble.

They actually, some of the more warped among them, think that means not o nly 
license to kill and to be merciless, but that they are supposed to destroy 
the world!

These repressed individuals, these victims of Bible-thumping, are pathetic 
and yet dangerous.

They must be taken seriously, and at last seen for what they are.

Finally, their agenda is out in the open.

Why else would Bush flirt with nuclear war?

Why else pollute the world past any quality of life for anyone?

Why else allow the greed of the already-rich to carve roads in the last wildernesses?

To plunder the environment? To ruin the middle classes while awarding ever 
more and more to the richest sector?

Why else allow education to go to the lowest it�s ever gone before?

Why else do everything possible to anger and to outrage every Muslim o n the 

Why else begin to implement torture? To violate everything America used to 
stand for?

There is no other reason but a suicidal urge that is also homicidal o n a global 
extreme for any of these behaviors.

Forget Armageddon and its� psychedelic ramblings, forget the Whore of 
Babylon and the other carnal ravings that whip these repressed and goody-goody 
wimps into a lather of lust-tinged frenzy, these are actually the descendants 
of the Nordic cultures who are rushing to ragnarok!

The end of the world in a conflagration!

They�re not dutifully carrying out their Godly orders as they protest, 
they know damned well what the Commandments say, if they want to cite the 
Old Testament that Jesus told them to disregard and to regard Him solely as 
the Message, and they certainly know what the Prince of Peace told them to 

As for Jesus, He�ll have to be remade to suit them into an avenging angel, and come back in their visions of Revelations glory, to smite those who had had the 
audacity to enjoy their lives, or to be losers, or to be ignorant of the message, 
or, God forbid, to worship differently than the members of the conservative 

They�re heady with the power of the revenge of the nerds and the revenge 
is too sweet for them to resist.

They�re flying high not o nly o n their righteous fervor but o n the strong 
brew of vile greed and stark naked envy � after all, they�re not 
allowed to indulge the senses the way ordinary sinners are doing all over 
the decadent country � they must stand for certain things and go to 
church and appear to do no wrong, meanwhile oppressing the poor, laughing 
at the homeless, withholding support for those with AIDS, and grinding down 
the already oppressed minorities.

They�re busy, these so-called Christians.

They�re destroying the world.

They must be stopped.

Get out and get active, or stay in an send emails, write letters, and make 

Vote them out of power.

Forget your ideas of splitting hairs, or you won�t have any heirs, frankly.

Vote Democrat, no matter what your qualms and don�t fall for the Republican 
trick of inviting complacency, of generating even more apathy, as they sow 
the idea that all parties are alike.

A vote for the Democrats is a vote to save the world, period.

We hope that will be enough.
It's a start in the right direction.

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