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Only We Can Help

Only We Can Help 

None Of Us Can Help Having Been Born

- Article by Ocean

If you drink milk, this is what happens to infants

None of us chose to be born.

None of us chose our own circumstances.

Although many humans can affect many features of our existence - and - this is key - we can also fix the circumstances for everyone else - for all the other beings on our planet, and we are the only specie that can - captive species cannot do anything, no matter how deeply they wish it, try to tell their caretakers about it, or might try.

This is the pivotal fact in life that should automatically open anyone's heart, and o nly a callous or defective brain, would think otherwise. Spirituality itself rests completely on the concept of universal compassion for all beings. This is an obvious given.

There is a very odd feature of our make up that bears investigation.

Unless we uncover it and analyze it, some of us might become angry or frustrated with other beings if they do not either understand readily or respond the way we want them to immediately, or if we grow impatient, ascribing perceptions to other people or individuals of other species, that they do not have.

Many, for instance, grow angry with little children, assuming that they have the same faculties as he or she does. In fact, due to the slowness of of growth and capacities of children, they cannot, for instance, until around the age of eight or so, remember things very well. So if someone admonishes a child to remember to bring his or her jacket home from school at a younger age, perhaps the memory slips are merely a facet of the child's age.

Understanding always brings compassion, and we don't spend enough time or training on realizing that others - other humans and others of other species - each individually have their own abilities to hear, to listen, to be coherent and to understand, and to communicate.

Recently, a man was sent to prison, rightfully, on a felony charge of cruelty to a much smaller being. A helpless being in his charge - a frightened one, who responded to fear in a normal way for her own specie. She was a the member of a noble line of birds we call the chickens.

All species have their own builds, their own abilities of communication and, naturally, feelings and emotions just like ours. Their thoughts are similar, and their desire to communicate the same as our own.

Chickens are extremely brave beings, and any one of them will stand up even to a wolf, facing certain death in order to save others they care about.

Respect for them and for all beings of all species should be automatic. I believe if we share information on this subject and tell our children about this more, then respect for the brave chickens, and for every living being, will increase.

We know that cruelty to other species in humans translates always translates to cruelty to other humans, and sending more offenders to prison will help to spread the word that all of us require respect for all beings, and simply discussing these issues will help to lift our own guilt at the way we confine helpless animals and at least allow us all to face what their plight is in our societies.

At the very least, the "very least of them", who are the animals raised for food, deserve respect, decent treatment, comfortable lives and compassionate deaths.

Kindness to everyone, meaning all beings, is the hallmark of all religiosity, all morality, and of law and order.

Protection of the helpless and of the innocent is the foremost reason we have laws.

Simply remembering that none of us had any choice at all in being born a member of whatever specie, and that everyone tries to communicate in his or her own way.

The chicken was trying to ask for mercy of that man, was saying "I don't belong here. I want to live. Please be kind to me.", as any o ne of us would want to say.

How sad to want to explain things to someone, or to call for help, and not to be able to.

It's taking advantage of not only a much smaller being, but o ne who cannot speak for himself, let alone choose any conditions in his or her own life.

Compassion for all beings leads to compassion for all humans.

Let's all spread the word - kindness heals everything.