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Healthy Babying

Are you aware of the non-commercialized, non-self-serving, truthful information there is out in the world concerning raising your kids and babies healthily?
Did you know that babies and children raised vegan are far healthier, stronger, better-looking, and brilliant than their carnivore, fat-stuffed, by-product, and chemical-fed counterparts?
Learn more at these links and consider truly loving your offspring by giving him or her the very best start in a healthy life.


You can't have it all.
There, the truth is spoken.
We can't live our own self-indulgent lifestyles and still save the world.
We can't have convenience and still have healthy children.

Short of growing o ne's own veggies and staying at home, there are ways to create win-win sitautions in life.

The first way is to decide to remain child-free and to adopt instead.
Whether you choose that way or not, the second-best way to save the world and to save your child-s health at the same time is to learn all you can about Healthy Babying, from conception to college.

We've narrowed your search considerably, and have found information and sites and ebooks that can assist you in your quest to maintain a healthyish environment in your own home in which to grow your child properly.

The care and feeding of a baby is something that starts at conception, and requires the best nutrition you can get for yourself, if you're carrying your infant.
Start by buying o nly at a health food store and buying o nly organically-grown foods.
Rely mainly o n fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains and legumes.
Soak grains and legumes overnight in water and refrigerate.
This transforms them into plants - sprouts them - taking them out of the starch arena into a real, live food o ne.

Dispel the old protein myths. 
Eschew animal products, and use o nly eco-friendly, non-toxic products in your home, in your garden, and in and o n your body.

And always go to Ask Carla at  and her Caring Consumer section, to check out the list of safe, eco, compasionate products to buy for your family and home.