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Eco Heroines

Eco Heroine, 

Jane Velez-Mitchell

"What does it take...for us to evolve beyond violenceas a specie...whether violence as in war or against children ?"

Jane is our EcoHeroine for November, and her tireless work on behalf of all innocent beings, whether children who have been abducted or "farm" animals, Jane Velez-Mitchell heroically defends the weak against the perpetrators who would abuse them.

Jane asks the big questions bravely and confronts the massive issues, such as violence against women, calling it, sanely, "the war against women", marches in Farm Animals Day Movement with Farm Sanctuary in order to publicize - and she puts it in her show ! - the millions of people who want, whether they eat meat or not - for all animals to be treated humanely, and Jane also stands up for missing or exploited children - all issues we at Eco Magazine strongly support!

Bravo, Jane!

Here, we cite and celebrate EcoHeroines.
They come in all types, from all over the world.
Some are famous, some should be famous.
Do you know of any Ecoheroes or EcoHeroines we should all be applauding?
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Here are just a few EcoHeroines, and more will be added all the time!

Coretta Scott King

This Vegan heroine, and a heroine in every way, we first would like to salute first as o ne of the most beautiful and heroic role models for females of all time, Coretta Scott King, Mrs. Martin Luther King, Jr.

She spread grace and added class and poise to our nation. She will be missed.

Alice Walker

One of the most brililant thinkers and most original writers of all time, Alice Walker is also, naturally, since she's a genius, a vegan. And o ne who stands up for compassioin to animals. Read the link below.

Jane Goodall

This lovely and loving EcoHeroine needs no introduction. She's been a heroine all her life, and a savior to our wild ape cousins, and now she's the foremost Ambassador for the wild of all - let's all applaud her and assist her in every way with her efforts to enlighten all the kids of the world about how rad all animals are, and about how to protect them!

Paris Hilton

An unlikely heroine? Think again!
Paris is standing up for helpless animals and has won a place in our Pantheon
for throwing out all her furs to be used for donating to the Humane Society 
where they need them to warm orphaned, baby animals! That�s the o nly 
legitimate and compassionate use for all those old dead bodies. We actually 
go to yard sales and thrift stores to buy them up so we can get them off the 
streets and into the shelters, the Humane Society, and into the A.S.P.C.A. 
where they can cuddle the little babies there!


Whose long been a vegan, or had been, and now we salute her for heroically adopting a gorgeous little boy from Africa, thereby making adoption of needy kids and babies the coolest thing to do, along with �

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Who also adopted needy children! And

Mia Farrow, the Angelic looking and Angelic-soulled being who started the celebritrend !