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We have so many EcoHero people we�d like to cite � and EcoHeroine 
people too.

We will begin with a Vegan Musician, Moby, who has � along with o nly 
a handful of brave celebrities � come forward and proclaimed his Veganism, 
his ethics, and has actively promoted Animal Welfare.

Please go to the Humane Society link here and listen to this wonderful interview with Moby, who truly is an EcoHero.

We love his music, but even more � we love his courage and dedication. While many celebs think their sponsorship potential is more important than 
billions of innocent lives, Moby stands up for these innocent and helpless 
fellow beings every day. 
Bravo, Moby!

And now, Woody Harrelson has emerged as a real asset to world health and to Compassion!

"I believe the way I choose to live my life now," says Woody, who is an ethical vegan and raw foodist, in the book, "is more considerate, kind, and ultimately fulfilling than the way I lived in the past. I don't think I believed I could incorporate the changes I've made into my life, but I was open to the ideas and made the changes; you can find other ways to do things." 
At the time of this live interview with Woody Harrelson and Reb. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Woody is just completing a 30 to 40 day green juice fast. Gabriel has just returned from leading fasting and peace retreats in Israel and Greece. A potent elixir...listen and call!

And we applaud Hip Hop Artist, Russell Simmons, Vegan, EcoHero!
From his interview o n Mother Jones," I don't eat anything that runs away from me," says Russell Simmons, on his vegan diet.

Read more about him here!

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