Breeding Frenzy - Think First !


The breeding imperative, or panic to breed -

Why the desperation to breed?Are we not enough on our own? Let us explore the feelings and thoughts leading to what Margaret Mead termed as, "mindless fecundity", so prevalent in our society today.

Why are we- many of us - so desperate, and also, disparate, to fill a perceived void ?

We don't need fruit of the womb to be complete, happy, accomplished, or to live a full life.

Just as Dr. Joyce Brohers so aptly said, "men are just desserts", well, children are even more so.

Children, optional.Is the herd-mentality pushing you into a life you don't want ?

Due to the media, children are now seen as mandatory as fashion items.

Stop thinking of them as the accessories pathetic celebrities drag around with them, or even dangle out of windows, as projections, props, or even worse, promoizers.As necessities in order to get or keep your own parents' love or approval, or that of your peers - and if you think that a boy or man is going to thank you for "giving" him a monthly child-support ticket away from freedom instead of a fun, sexy bedmate, forget it !

Explore your options first.

Don't wait till you're feeling low, or hormonally sentimental, or in the throes of the gang or herd mentality. Think before you're in a clench with Mr. Wonderful and having those TVLand fantasies of the little house and car and neat marriage that o nly exists in fantasies.

Face reality. As Cher so truthfully observed, "this is my o ne and only life - this is not a rehearsal !"

Take your life - your own life - as the greatest gift you have.

You are complete.

You do not need anyone else.

You are enough, in fact, you are exquisite, just the way you are.

You haave a whole life - whole as it is, whole just as you were born - in front of you. Think. Plan. Just you. Just for you.Decide what you want to do, to be, to have, where you'd like to go, to live, what you�d like to explore with the - we hope - handful of vital decades you were given at the start of this brief lifetime.

Forget the beer or pot when you're out with a guy, or, guys, when you're out with a girl.

Concentrate on what the consequences could bring instead.

Make sure to, guys, and girls - gear up with at least two good, reliable sources of protection from pregnancy. Three is even better.

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