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Why Get Pregnant Anyway ?

Why Get Pregnant Anyway ?

Or, in the worst case - Why Did I Get Pregnant Anyway?

Right now, all over the world, there are countless women, some sprawled across their beds, weeping, others sitting o n bar stools, stunned and in shock, still others wringing their hands and wondering whether to share the information or not - they're all alike in o ne way - they've all gotten knocked up.

Far from those stupid TV ads that show females racing joyously to the corner store to grab an early pregnancy test off the counter and then finding out and gleefully sharing this knowledge, in reality, finding out o ne is pregnant is truy traumatic and even tragic for most of us.

Often, even when using a rubber, rips occur. At other times, some are, of course, forced against their will to have sex. This latter scenario is far too common in most of the world's countries as a matter of course. In many areas of the planet, women have no rights at all. Sometimes, people who are inebriated or just taken away by the moment and intoxicated by the incessant fairytales shoved down our throats by the media every single minute, by religious upbringing, and by our peers and families.

And there's the romantic banter, the earnest protestations of love eternal offered up by sweaty boys in back-seats to contend with.

No matter how, no matter why, most of us will get caught at least once in our lives.
Even stable, mature, wealthy and very married ladies get knocked up with unplanned-for pregnancies.

It's time we all started planning for this inevitability.

Even if you use at least two forms of contraception every single time, the odds are that sometime in your life, you'll get knocked up when you do not want to, when you cannot deal with it, when everything in you knows that it's a terrifying prospect.

To protect ourselves is valiant and necessary, but since nothing is really protective except either the man getting fixed or the woman getting fixed, you'd better decide how you'll manage if - when - this blight on your rosy horizon looms and threatens to swallow up your life, your dreams, your youth, your figure, and your livelihood and earning power- because it will.

Forget about diseases - they are always a threat, of course, but pregnancy is still the major fear factor in life for -now - both males and females.

Now males have to support their unwanted progeny - which is a great leap forward for womankind, of course.

Women, although we have the tools of staying free at our disposal now for the first time in all our long, long history of being enslaved and utterly dependent o n men, our original families, and o n society, have not yet understood that we do now have a choice. And not the obvious o ne of abortion. It's a bad choice for many reasons - see 
Abortion Fix
 - no - the cure is found now in safe procedures for getting your boyfriend or husband fixed or to get your own operation.

Many women can stay child-free on the pill plus another form, but there are many who will still get pregnant.

To not do enough or to do nothing is to create the worst case scenario. It's to allow nature just to take it's inevitable course and drive it's destructive path right through your life.

Aside from the biologic realities of sperm boring into eggs, there are many 
reasons why we have or will want to get pregnant - if we don't 
think about it first.

Here is a list of some of the most prevalent and bad reasons that people get pregnant :

To please my parents.

To get attention from my parents, good or bad, pleasing or pay-back.

To get something from my parents, even like negative attention.

To see if my parents will take care of me or force them to.

To conform to what I think society expects of me.

Because I don't know what else I can do.

Because I'm a victim and I just let things happen to me.

Because I want to see if anyone loves me - my parents or my boyfriend.

Because I hear on TV that women only have so much time, so I think I should 
do it now instead of later in case I ever want kids.

To force my boyfriend into marriage.

To please my boyfriend or husband - even though I just think they'd 
be pleased (beecause of too many Lifetime stupid movies - I haven't really asked.

To get love, like from someone dependent on me, like a pet.

To have something cozy and cute to cuddle.

Because I wonder what it's like.

So I won't have to think about my future.

Because I got drunk and stoned.

Because I just don't give a ****.

Because I can't think of anything else to do with my life.

Because otherwise I'll have to taek care of myself. I think my parents 
or boyfriend will have to support me if I have a baby.

Because I can, or because I want to see if I can.

Because I want someone to admire me. And I want someone to need me.

Because I want someone to have to do what I say and mind me.

Because I want to play parent and hand down whatever abuse I got myself.

Because I think I'm supposed to.

Because my friend had one. And misery loves company.

Because my sister said I should. (So, maybe she wants to be the hot one?)

Because my parents want grandchildren.

Because I would feel like I was different or standing against all my friends 
and what they want if I didn't have children.

Because I want someone to love me and to hug and to stay with me forever.

Because I didn't know what to do.

Because Britney Spears had some and Madonna did and they look happy and still look good, so...I dream I, too, can have millions of dollars to spend on plastic surgery from my uterus to my face, filled with stress and lines after losing sleep, losing out, and becoming not a chick, but a mother.

Because I think the government will have to support me.

Because I want my child to be what I'm not.

Because I want my child to be what I am.

Because I want to see what a kid of mine would look like.

Because I want a replica of me as an accessory or a pal.

Because I want a blending of me and my boyfriend. I think he/she would be cute.

Because I'm getting to a certain age and I think I should do it now 
even though I'm not financiall stable or ready. People might think I'm weird if I don't. I'm cowardly.

Because I think that's an experience everyone should have.

Because I'm afraid that someday I'll wish I had because so many people say that to me and/or because the clock is ticking...

Because I don't know what else to do and I want to do SOMETHING.

Because I think that someone will have to make my living if I get pregnant 
and have a baby - I don't want to earn my own way and think my 
family, his family, or the government will have to pay my way.

I think that the "Mom and apple pie", thing will bring me some sort of honor, like it's my duty or something. Isn't that what women are for? Breeding?

All of these are false assumptions and the results of wishful thinking. The cold water of reality has ruined many, many lives.

We hope to save lives - yours, and those of children who should not 
be conceived.

These are all negative and dangerous reasons to have children.

Please take time to examine what your aims really are, what your desires 
for your own life are, and don't pin your future o n how you hope others 
will react to you.

Please wait until you've examined all of your life, made plans decade-by-decade, made lists of how you like to spend your time, things you hope to accomplish in life, and spent time with real new mothers in their homes, read statistics, and really studied the subject of mothering and fathering.

Do it for all the kids' sakes.

They deserve serious consideration and should not be conceived in the backseats of cars while you're intoxicated while partying or drunk on love for 
someone, or wasted o n the hopes based o n fairytales and pipedreams.

Having a baby - far from solving problems in a life or in a relationship 
- opens a labyrinth of much worse problems. A baby should never be caught 
in a nest like that.

Babies - countless numbers of them - and children - are 
suffering horribly all over the face of the world right this moment because 
people had sex, thoughtlessly, or because of erroneous thoughts and emotions.

If you still, after examining your motives, feel a deep need to parent, and 
have rich resources and structures in place to be able to raise a child in 
a stable environment, then adopt o ne of the needy and desperate o nes instead of letting o ne grow inside you. The entire planet needs help due to human overpopulation. The individuals suffering most are, as usual in history, the helpless children already in need of homes, food, of love.

Adopt instead if you truly want a child and can provide for one as he or she deserves.