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Singles Have Swung It To The Majority !


Singles have Swung It to the Majority!

Singles, whether swinging or not, whether by choice or not, whether child-free 
or single parents, have made it to the American majority!

This is a wonderful turn of events for singles, who can now affect governmental 
policy and make sure that taxes benefit them, that wages become fair, and 
that other public policies will cater to the new majority of singles everywhere.

Long held by married couples, now singles will have the greater voice in 
our country, and we need to coalesce into o ne wonderful combination to make 
that voice heard!

And - now that we've made it to the position of real power, let's use it to save the world!

Let's Stay Child-Free!

Think of the world as o ne household. The house is small, the income fixed, and they cannot move. The family already has a child, and cannot feed another, and yet they think of having another child. Either the quality of life will suffer and each will have less food, they will put o­ne out to starve, close the windows, and not heed his cries, or they will stop having children.

Stop Human Overpopulation