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Child Fix

Child Fix

To fix is to make right or to find.

At Child Fix, we'll direct you to sites where you can find out more about 
adoption, for the "find" part of the word "fix".

For the "make right" part of the word "fix", we'd like to direct you first to the idea of vasectomies as the coolest thing to fix our planet!

Guys can easily get vasectomies and thereby make sure they won't 
be bringing any children they don't want into the world, and then, further 
we'd like to offer you a questionnaire to let those among you who have 
never taken the time to really ask yourself this question:

Do I really want to have a child or not?

Too many have never even thought about it.

Far more have found themselves stuck - pregnant or with a pregnant partner 
before they've even thought about the subject.

Surprises are for losers. Who loses? The babies.

We're child advocates here at EcoMermaid, and we'd like for every 
child in the world to sleep contentedly like this beautiful child - 
in his own bed in his own room, surrounded by love and safety, with toys, 
clean bed sheets and towels, plenty of money for his future and treated with 
dignity and honor every day of his or her life.

This is our goal to popularize vasectomies and tube-tying and to 
encourage others, like us at EcoMermaid, to make a firm decision not to add 
to the ever-growing problems of the world by making sure we don't add 
more children to strain the planet. 

Because, if we do, who suffers most? The children.

We'd like also to popularize adopting children.

To those of you who yearn for a child - and there are many reasons even 
not connected to hormonal drifts in the monthly bloodstream of a female -
to frankly give yourself 
this questionnaire and find out your true reasons 
for wanting to have a child.

It will only benefit the child for you to truly confront your own soul in 
this matter.

We believe there should be licenses in the future issued for the privilege 
- yes, privilege, not the right - to bear new children.

After all, most of us are nowhere near being really qualified for the job 
of bearing and raising a child.

Honestly, just admit that.

Look into your soul and be honest with your answers.

You can print this out and ponder the questions often to help you make decisions which will affect not o nly your entire life, but that of the baby who might be created any day if the proper precautions are not met perfectly, and of course, of the entire planet.

There are too few child-free people who have the courage to proudly proclaim that they do not want children, and we at EcoMermaid want to popularize this most basic of rights which benefits everyone o n the planet. It's OK not to want children.

It's OK to decide and not to let relatives or the current culture or 
friends or enemies dictate what your plans for your own life are.

By deciding not to have a child, you are protecting the life of another child 
in the world - actually, because of our standard of living, you'll be saving
many, many children by deciding to be childfree.

You are saving resources that would be stolen from other children somewhere 
in the world.

You are benefiting all of mankind by your decision.

If you decide to adopt, which is equally responsible and honorable, this, 
too will help to save the world, but o nly do so if you meet the minimal requirements to be a good parent.

It's deplorable that so many gay couples or singles have lovingly decided 
to adopt homeless children, and that the Repulbican Right people have come 
out against them.

To be gay doesn't mean one is a pedophile any more than to be straight 
makes one a pedophile.

These are couples who are taking over the burden of supporting and raising 
a child willingly and heroically, which is not easy. A child who otherwise 
would be cast o nto a foster system - basically a horrible situation 
where people are paid to look after a child - or worse, would languish 
in an over-crowded orphanage somewhere. Or even much, much worse.

What are the Republicans willing to do for those children they're demanding 
to allow to be born and have no place to go? What about those already born 
who have no place to go and who would have the option of a nice home with 
a gay parent ? They've even taken away school breakfasts for the poor children !

They want their tax cuts and their vacation homes and their rich lifestyles, 
but they want o nly to bully the rest of society and not do a thing to back 
their religious rhetoric.

Some churches provide housing for a pregnant girl if she donates her child 
for adoption, but what of the millions of other starving children in the world -
what of them ?

We're here to let the air out of the self-righteous wind-bags and to 
bring them down to size. Truth will out. O ne o nly has to see clearly. Learn 
to see through the old dogmatic thoughts that have been piled o n your brain 
and the constant o nslaught of lies and twisted manipulations you get every 
day from the media, from your family, from everywhere.

Seeing clearly, understanding, learning to dissect information is the path 
to intelligence, and the path to freedom.

Learn to open your eyes and keep your own counsel and make your own plans for your own life.

Do some soul-searching on the all-important issue of life and death.

Think first. Save a life. Be Child Free and/or Adopt.

See Eco Child Free

Be an EcoHeroine or EcoHero.

Take the EcoChildFree Pledge 

The Eco Child Free Pledge

Take the Pledge Now!

I love the world, all its' people and all other animals.

I love the seas, the mountains, the air, and the resources.

I pledge to remain Eco Child Free - to make absolutely sure by utilizing 
vasectomy or by making sure any partners of mine have had vasectomies, and until then, to utilize more than two types of birth control at a time, regardless the convenience.

To take sex seriously and to only engage in it while completely sober.

Life and death are involved with sex.

Mine, yours, and the potential for creating an innocent life.

I Promise to either remain Eco Child Free or to adopt one of the starving millions of children who need me.
I Swear.

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