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Ullr, Ancient Nordic Winter God


   Article by Ocean

Where does it come from? Yuletide!
For our Christmas and Holiday Myth, we'd like to introduce you to -Ullr, the winter god!
Known for his tall, strong form, his very covered-up,cloaked appearance, 
and for his love of the snow and of skiing, the Winter God, Ullr, was, in Scandinavian folklore, the model for the later transformations into St. Nick and, of course, into Santa Claus!
His name transitioned into Yul or Yule from Ull or Ullr.
He stood for Winter and also for the coming of the New Year, and for many wonderful winter season activities. 
Ullr even stood for gaining good luck!
The entire winter season was considered Yule, but they especially had twelve days in old Scandinavia, during which different aspects of this dark time of year were celebrated.
In the far North, during the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, part of the Yule season, Scandinavia was darkest, and during this time, the hope and celebration for the Sun's return were a big part of their pre-Christmas tidings.
Now, when we think of Ullr, and of Winter, and of Santa Claus, we will remember his past, when he was known then as a winter god who stood for - as he does now! - snow, fun, gifts, luck, and a sparkling season of good 
tidings and celebrations!

So remember, even if Santa Claus has already visited, and you're awake, gazing out your window toward the snowy North, and you see a shadowy figure - a very large man, rugged, powerful, with his long cloak blowing in the winter winds, with his skis over his shoulder, perhaps, just salute him and smile - Ullr, the old Winter God, will no doubt smile at you and wave his hand as he strides on, his deep, hoarse laughter ringing in the hills.
You've just met the Winter God!

My Own Giant Boy, Named for Ullr, the Winter God, Joyously Running in His Element - Snow!