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He-Men Gravitate To Soy

According to the latest reports, nutritional research has proven that men who stop eating meat and start eating soy products, like tofu, tempeh, and miso, or edame, which is a great snack food of boiled soybeans, begin to regrow their hair!
This means that all those 'primitive man' advertisements and tv commercials, depicting the he-man type as a rampant carnivore must also begin to show them as bald.
And that all those comedians who have had great times poking fun at men who eat tofu and are health food advocates will now be, at least secretively, packing into the soyfood counters at their own local health food stores before long.
Yes, the nutritional components of soy do stop hair fallout and regrow hair, but o nly if used in conjunction with a vegetarian diet. In fact, as Gary Null affirms in his best-selling books, to eat a purely vegetable diet, even without soy, especially with added vegetable powder in freshly-squeezed vegetable juices, is to watch your own hair thicken back to its' original state, as it had been in teenage years.
What does this mean to the meat industry? Most likely, it will result in their attempts to quell this information, vital to those men who would like to retain their youthful locks. .
But the word is out, and now not o nly those who have had a scare from their doctors are beginning to get the message, and, of course, celebrities. Now all men will be privy to this newsflash, which is bringing athletes and movie stars to a new awareness of what these healthy foods can do. Of course, most of them have personal trainers, and are coached in their dietary choices by professionals. Most others get their information from magazines, like this o ne, or from asking great-looking pals how they got that way.
Soon , an o nrush, a stampede of newly-interested though shy men will be assembling at health food outlets. Help them out- they are strangers in a new land.
So, next time you see o ne of these hapless-men heading for your own healthfood store, help him out, as this author did just yesterday morning, when a somewhat embarressed and overweight professional athlete stood by the checkout counter, his guide, a prominent vegan nutritional author, having temporarily stepped away, I helped him out by answering his awkward question, meant to break the silence as he wondered what in hell he was doing in this rabbit food patch, and just what we otherworldly types were all about. Directed at no o ne in particular, in a rather surly tone, he'd asked,'How could I wear this? Am I supposed to look like I'm 20 when I'm 39?', pointing to a surfer-styled necklace. I answered, smiling, 'Why not look 20? After you get going o n your new lifestyle, you'll look that young again.' And he will.

Along with going vegan - avoiding flesh-eating, which can o nly clog the system with its' excess fat and grease, along with overworking the kidneys with its' excess protein intake and toxins, which serve to overtax the body and undergrow the hair- the best things to do for growing hair are :

go vegan, add soy, drink lots of water, exercise, use eco products, massage the scalp, keep the scalp clean, wear hats in sun,(the sun burns scalps through hair, damaging it's ability to do its' work),take natural supplements, such as our very own EcoSupplements, and think pretty thoughts

-EcoMermaid Staff